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 Solin History

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For 3800 years the Solins did well for themselves. Unlike many other sentient species, the Solins had very little war in their early years. That’s because Solins were too busy trying to constantly exist in their planet’s hostile environment. Radiation storms, furious volcanoes, water droughts, you name it, the Solin have seen it. However, late in the Solin year of 2800, the Helios 13 natives finally wised up and dug into their planet, building colonies within the earth’s cooler surface. This allowed Solins to thrive progressively, and create a peaceful environment where they could prosper.
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Then, late in the year 3429, Solins uncovered a human space capsule on their planet, and immediately the Tinkerers began dissecting the Terran pod. They had little interest in the culture of the humans, but their technology instead. After studying human voice recorders, image screens and the space capsule itself, Solins were able to replicate primitive mechanics with the aid of geo-thermal energy. Using extremely heated rocks and steam, Solins were able to create underground vehicles and industrial factories. They used this advancement to create new cities, highways and research facilities. However, before the Solins could begin researching aeronautic development, Humans finally decided to introduce themselves to the Heliosians.

The introduction of both Humans and Ullitors went well at first. Solins weren’t immediately threatened by the new race, as they’d seen very little adversity with other creatures on their planets. They blended well with human kind, being open minded and eager to learn about their new racial friends. Terran Allied Forces introduced Solins to advanced computers, space travel and sophisticated sciences. Unfortunately, they also introduced the Helios natives to religion, an idea that would not set well with the Dark-ones.
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It started when the House of Veneration sent their missionaries to spread the Holy word, much as it had done for the Ullitors in Epsilon Eridani B. Solins, who were highly Atheistic, were frustrated by aggressive evangelists, and after enduring several months of harassment, finally decided to strike back. The Solin people organized a peaceful demonstration, summoning over a million of their kind to stand in front of chapels across Helios 13. House of Veneration worshipers however, took this intimidating protest as an act of war against their faith, and proceeded to call upon its devoted to storm the planet and establish dominance. T.A.F. officials attempted to keep order on the planet, but it was too late. Human and Ullitor devoted, ransacked Solin cities, destroying millions of capital worth of property.

Finally, T.A.F. military were able to push House of Veneration followers off the planet temporarily, but the damage was already done. Nearly ten-thousand Solins had lost their lives and even more, their homes. T.A.F. would support their new brothers by passing an ordinance that allowed all Solins to follow their Atheist ways without detriment. Anyone who acted against the Sun-Folk for their beliefs would be prosecuted by T.A.F. law, a law that would gain Solin respect, but wound them with other humans and Ullitors.

Eventually, Solins moved forward, forgetting the past and joining the humans in their cause to explore the great Universe. Many Solins even became some of the top physicians in their fields, as their understanding for hazardous environment made them great thinkers. As time went on, Solins would establish an Atheist organization called the Legion of Flames (a group that supported Science over religion), and later, help invent intergalactic travel. They’d become the backbone of Terran technology, using their curiosity and temperament to master the scientific field.
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Solin History
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