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 Solin Description

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Racial Name: Solins

Alias: Heliosians

Nicknames: The Charred, Dark-Ones, Tinkerers

Home Galaxy: The Milky Way

Home Planet: Helios 13

Alternative Planet Names: Red Rock, The Flying Volcano

Colonized Planets: Solins share their planets with the humans who’ve colonized Mars, the Moons of Jupiter, the Moons of Saturn, the Moons of Neptune, Epsilon Eridani B (annexed), and Protega (annexed)

Major Organizations: Terran Allied Forces or T.A.F. (Union of Earth Countries), Prometheus Enterprises (Natural Resources Corporation), Legion of Stars(Atheist Organization)

Physical Description: Solins are bipedal creatures with a torso, head, two arm and two leg appendages. They have five major sense organs, in which four are located on the head. They have two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth (all located on the head) and a large set of nervous tissue throughout the skin. They are descendents of endosporic bacteria, a heat resistant organism that spawned several races on Helios. Solin body types are very similar, with black, oiled flesh, thin bodies and coarse fiber-like hair. The average height of an adult male Solin is about 1.7 meters (6 feet) tall while the average female is 1.5 meters. The average mass of an adult male Solin is 78 kg (175 lbs) and 68 kg for females.
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Solins are very resistant to heat, using thin, insolated skin to take in cooler air around them. They also have large glands along their black flesh which secretes light drops of oil to help keep their skin resistant to the nearby sun in their atmosphere. Solins also have very good vision, allowing them to see heat instead of light and live without inhibitors on both the surface or underground of their planet.

Solins are hairless except for on the top of their scalps. The average Solin has jet black flesh with large pores that secrete small amounts of oil to keep them cool in their hot environment. The hue of Solin skin ranges from dark gray to pure black. Solin hair is coarse and wirey, and always black. Even in age, Solin hair or flesh never grays or whitens, but their flesh does tend to wrinkle as time goes on. Solins have no palates for tasting, but small receptors that inform them if food is highly toxic. They have short, dull teeth (no canines) which help them chew through tough rock pebbles and hardened vegetation. They have two sets of stomachs which help filters the many poisons in their food.

Solins are vegetarians who can not digest meat. They live for an average of 80 years, reaching sexual maturity at 16 to 21 years of age. Females continue to develop physically until age 18 while males develop until age 21. They reach their physical climax from age 21 to 35 before beginning to slowly fade in strength and stamina. A Solin is considered elderly (and incapable of certain physical actives) when they reach their 80’s. They can live in most hot environments provided they have appropriate shelter due to skin that helps their body cool easily. This flesh also works against Solins, who can not survive long in cold temperatures below -6.6 degrees Celsius (32.2 degrees Fahrenheit). Solins have a relatively low birth rate, able to produce one offspring every two years due to their relatively small body frames. The creature is very efficient in hot temperatures such as planets near suns.

Culture: Solins are social beings and tend to live in complex social groups. More than any other creature, Solins tend to communicate through hard facts and mordant senses of humors. Solin groups range from families to galactic organizations. They tend to gravitate towards Humans and Ullitors, who’ve helped them earn their way towards their current role as Milky Way engineers and scientists. All Solin societies organize, recognize and classify types of social relationships based on relations between parents and children (consanguinity), though they do not believe in the institute of marriage. Solins tend to be more promiscuous, believing that sexual behavior is a natural privilege as much as a way of reproducing. Solins sometimes suffer from depression due to their low sense of self and depreciating nature.
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Solin Description
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