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 Rasari History

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PostSubject: Rasari History    Rasari History  Icon_minitimeSat Aug 18, 2012 11:20 am

Nearly all of the documented species within the Hexisan borders need water to exist. For some species, it’s a central part of their anatomy, while for others; it’s merely a compliment to their anatomy. Nevertheless, water is always a central part. So if water is essential for life, then the Rasari are the walking metaphors for what life depicts. It can be cruel and punishing, much like their past, yet caring and protective, like their present. It is mysterious, indefinite, yet strangely affable.

It began nearly 20 billion years ago, when water based bacteria grew into simple aquatic species who in turn evolved into intelligent life forms. Early Rasari were a protective bunch, using the rock formations in their environment to hide from nearly everything. They survived by working together, using their clans to ward off predators, hunt and reproduce. This carried on for thousands of years until finally Rasari began to organize in masses to dominate their blue world. Rasari began to use bio-chemicals to fuel their cities, warm their climates and keep them out of harms way. They’d built a fairly productive society, and were very proud as a whole, until one day when the heavens decided to tumble down.
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A massive crash from the skies above took out the Rasari capital of Palatuis, sinking the metropolis down into the depths of the oceans. None of the Rasari knew exactly what happened, but immediately began to send crews to rescue any survivors. Frighteningly though, each time the Rasari sent down salvage teams, they only donated to the catastrophe. No Rasari ever returned and before long, officials pitilessly decided to seal off the large hole that this unknown object had created and treat the rest of their capital brethren as a loss. Those bureaucrats involved were so insistent on forgetting in fact, that they passed an act that did not allow citizens to even speak of the disaster, punishable by imprisonment for life.

Still, that which controls the earth can not be buried, and after 200 years of quiet, the hole decided to open itself back up. What came back out was even more frightening. Though the Rasari only live for an average of sixty years at that time, their lost brothers and sisters emerged unscathed, as if time had stood still. They had an eeriness about them though, and could hardly recollect the crash at all. Meanwhile, the capital officials who went down with the city not only reclaimed their government positions, but took over the aquatic parliament, becoming the unified dictators of the water based planet.
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Ironically, their tyranny proved to be quite beneficial. Although the council seemed to keep many secrets, the Rasari people earned more freedoms and a better quality of life due to their leadership. The new orders not only helped the Rasari, but their oceans as well. Soon the race was a working social order, cooperating together to clean their oceans and protect one another. The only drawback was that no Rasari could ever question their government upon pain of death. The Rasari were happy however, and agreed to follow the laws in hopes of a better tomorrow.

Then, the outsiders came. The Hexisan Union discovered the water planet, and after peaceably introducing themselves, bartered a deal with Rasari Council Members to use their planet’s resources in return for seats on the Hexisan board. However, almost immediately did the Hexisan leaders recognize that the Rasari were not being forthcoming with all of their history. There was no mention of their great capital disaster, nor was their news of the Rasari’s one Great Law. Besides that, Hexisan intelligence noticed signs of outside life within the Rasari’s deep oceans. Psionic imprints, alien artifacts and ancient tunnels were unearthed through advanced Hexisan technologies.

Though the Rasari claimed to know nothing of the findings, they were not cooperative in allowing Hexisan archeologists to dig up these sites. Instead, the Rasari bartered a new deal, handing over powerful bio-technologies in return for regulations that forced Hexisan scientists to draw back their investigators without question. Though there were a few bi-laws upon the contract, in the end, the Hexisan Union agreed to the terms. While they still remained suspicious of the new race, before long it was nearly looked over as Milky Way visitors arrived on the scene, allowing the Rasari to keep their secrets to themselves.
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Rasari History
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