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 House of Veneration Description

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PostSubject: House of Veneration Description   Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:50 am

Organization: The House of Veneartion
Organization Type: Religion
Planet of Origin: Earth
Other Places of Importance: Epsilon Eridani Solar B (large faith base), Moon of Saturn: Enceladus (Largest Control Center and home of the Empyrean Legion)

The House of Veneration is a religious organization who began on Earth nearly 300 years ago. The church originally started as a philosophy, basing its ideals on an acceptance of all Gods. Later, as many Budhists, Muslims and Christians began to convert to these new ideals, the House of Veneration took on its title and set up a loose decree for its people. As more and more followers began to donate to the organization, the House soon found itself one of the most wealthy organizations in the Solar System.

The House of Veneration believes that there is one God, who in his/her generosity, helped spark the big bang which created all life and matter. The House does not speak out about this God purposely wanting to create living beings, but does state that the sheer act of creating our Universe is enough to give homage to this all powerful being. The House believes in spreading goodness and denouncing evil acts which defile God’s creation. The House of Veneration also feels that science and history are useful tools that help prove there is a one-true-God. While science, who was once the enemy of religion in many cultures, helps use its methods to profile the Creator, History and all of the collective religions of the many worlds proves that we instinctually recognize that a Divine Deity does exist.

The House of Veneration believes that exploring our great Universe is the best way to marvel in God’s creation. Worshippers feel that by studying the galaxies, we become more comprehensive as to who this God is. The House of Veneration also feels that knowledge through history not only helps us understand different perspectives, but gives us clues as to who this God could be and what he/she may want from us. They believe this so much so in fact, that the House of Veneration established a holy order of knights to recover ancient religious artifacts in hopes of piecing together more evidence as to who God may be. The Empyrean Legion is a nightly order based out of Enceladus, second largest moon of Saturn who uses its members to not only protect the weak, but find ancient religious artifacts throughout the galaxies and bring them back to study. Members must go through a vigorous physical, mental and moral training in order to be inducted, and are usually required to have had some sort of military training beforehand.

The House of Veneration also has many different rankings, each having its own responsibilities. The High Priest of the House is elected not because of their credentials, but because they are deemed the most wise and enlightened of all the candidates. The House believes in honoring wisdom over logic, generosity over profit and sacrifice over self-preservation. The candidate that proves these ideals over their competition tends to be the elected head of the House. The House also believes that Psionics is not a curse, nor is it a miracle. They accept Psionics as a blessing of the fortunate, but do not feel it puts them above anyone else as far as church ranking is concerned.

Their holy symbol, the Vergina Sun, is a sixteen pointed star/sun which has been found on many different planet’s religious artifacts. It was discovered in Ancient Samaria by Earth folk, but has made its presence known in dozens of other cultures throughout time. Its distinct sixteen rays are said to hold some secret about the future of the Universe. Some speculate that the star represents the Big Bang, an explosion that brought the Universe into existence. While experts aren’t certain as to why so many galactic religions adopted the symbol as their holy icon, faithful believe that it may be one more clue that leads to answers about who God is and what he/she may want from us.
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House of Veneration Description
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