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 T.A.F. Description

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Organization: Terran Allied Forces
Organization Type: Galactic League of Governments
Planet of Origin: Earth
Other Places of Importance: Epsilon Eridani Solar B (original settlement location), Earth's Moon (own all colonies along it) , Moons of Neptune: Triton (future investment), Moons of Saturn: Titan (Home of their Space Force), Helios 13 (industrial investments), Phaya 2 & Phaya 3 (Scouting Planets)
T.A.F. Description TAF
The T.A.F. (Terran Allied Forces) is the most recognized human organization within the Milky Way and Hexisan Galaxy. Its original leaders, representatives from Earth based countries, wanted to find a way to preserve capitalism during the great Solar War. In order to do so, the countries united, organizing strategies that best fit their nations’ needs. The Alliance was a success, and soon the coalition was dominating the battle front and wiping out other independent countries and corporations. After the T.A.F.’s victory, organizers looked to the future. They began setting goals and a directions for the alliance to head towards.

The T.A.F. wanted to explore the galaxy beyond Earth’s Solar System. After coordinating for some time, they finally set sail to Epsilon Eridani, the closest of the solar systems to Earth. The T.A.F. was amazed to discoverer that Epsilon housed two different forms of intelligent life, and after some consideration, decided they would make their presence known. Although there were a few incidents, as time went on, the T.A.F. soon had two new races inducted into their affiliation. The races, Ullitors and Solins, were physically strong and technologically gifted, creating an edge for the T.A.F. that they had not had before. With their help, the T.A.F. had reached its peak, possessing nearly one thousand planets worth of natural resources that raised their net worth into the quintillions.

Decades past, and the T.A.F. prospered, along side Prometheus Enterprises and The House of Veneration. The three had orchestrated an alliance (Terran Alliance) which allowed the trio to prosper collectively. Together, they’d discovered/created a new race (Naga), mapped out the galaxy and began conducting experiments on intergalactic travel. All was going well for the T.A.F., who were the undeclared leaders of the Terran Alliance. Then, just as the organization had reached its zenith, T.A.F. explorers attempted to finally travel between galaxies, an experiment that would change the Terran Alliance forever.

Explorers did not return for sometime and all was thought lost. Then, months after they’d left for their expedition, the flight team returned, but with unexpected company. They’d come with a combination of races from a far away galaxy known as Caldwell 70 (Hexisan to the natives). These advanced life forms aspired to help the inhabitants of the Milky Way, introducing them to their alien history, knowledge and technology. While Humans deliberated for weeks, in the end, the Terran Alliance agreed to join the Hexisan Union. However, T.A.F. leaders were baffled, because according to Hexisan leaders, every race that has ever joined the Galactic Union has had to trade something in return (natural resources, technology, labor). Yet, not only were the humans allowed to keep the Milky Way to themselves, but they weren’t asked to offer up anything …or so The Milky Way thought.

According to unknown informants, just days before signing the amalgamation, Hexisan officials privately contacted T.A.F. representatives, bartering a deal for the future. While there is proof that T.A.F. diplomats converged with Hexisan ambassadors just days before joining the Union , it is uncertain what was discussed. All that’s known is that not long after the Terran Alliance’s merge, T.A.F. military vessels pushed forward into Hexisan ports. While some speculate this relocation was just part of the Hexisan Union’s request in order to strengthen their military, both Prometheus Enterprises and the House of Veneration remain confused as to why the same offer was not extended to their branches. Nonetheless, the T.A.F. seems to be in close contact with Hexisan leaders, and the most active of the human leagues inside the Hexisan Galaxy.
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T.A.F. Description
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