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 House of Veneration General Staff

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PostSubject: House of Veneration General Staff   Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:32 am

House of Veneration General Staff
Though the House of Veneration is known for both their clergy and Empyrean Legion, it is its outstanding general staff that keeps the organization going. Office administrators, mechanics, pilots, they can all be found within the organization’s foundational personnel. The everyday workers are so valued within the House of Veneration’s establishment in fact, that management staff has instituted a program that continuously offers the most competitive salaries for each field. This compensation system has caused a stir within the employment community, and waiting lists for some professions have been long enough that applicants must wait decades before being called on.

With such handsome salaries also comes great expectation. Unlike underpaid, but sizeable T.A.F. and Prometheus staff, the House requires its employees to duplicate substantial output with half the personnel. This demand can be daunting, but many employees feel that the work is both rewarding and nurtures their devotion to their “All Knowing Creator”. Still, outside organizations criticize that the limited operation force has begun catching up to the House, as they are behind on most projects they’ve committed to progressing within the Terran Allied Forces organization.

Nonetheless, with sizable salaries and inspired workers, it is difficult to find those who would not be willing to take on the House’s challenges. Though the community is much sparser, its people continuously seem to have some of the highest moral appraisals; results that critics condemn as “an unrealistic contentment due to religious brainwashing”. And although the House disapproves of these critiques, they do forecast a loss in moral once Terrans begin to further relocate into the Hexisan Galaxy. Even so, those who continue to devote their employment to the House staff will find that they are the driving force that keeps the institute going.
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House of Veneration General Staff
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