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 Altarian Description

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PostSubject: Altarian Description   Sat Aug 18, 2012 10:16 pm

Racial Name: Altarians (Al-tar-euns)

Alias: Ancients

Nicknames: Psychics, Interlopers

Home Galaxy: Hexisan

Home Planet: Aether (Aye-th-her)

Alternative Planet Names: Talodonis

Colonized Planets: Ahaxohev, Birenuro, Moons of Cesudeha, Cuzni, Darca, Davar,
Ebkif, Enaom, Fydarlal, Hemokiti, Moons of Ivere, Kavenuyi, Leva, Meteor belts of Nelat,
Nirihubo, Okinelax, Otiil, Raker, Moons of Reret, Risem, Tahayaz, Udiin, Uxaor, Vylor

Major Organizations: Hexisan Union, The Elders, Cooperative Regency of Systems (C.R.S.)

Physical Description: Altarians are bipedal creatures with a torso, head, two arm, two leg appendages and a tail. They have six major sense organs, in which four are located on the head. They have two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth (all located on the head) and a large set of both nervous tissue and pheromone detectors throughout their skin. They are descendents of early amphibians, though the Altarians have been around for so long, they can not fully understand exactly what animal they’ve ascended from (share qualities with many different home species). Altarian body types are very complex. They are tall and lanky with frail bodies and limited muscle use. The average height of an adult Altarian is about 2.13 meters (7 feet) tall. The average mass of an adult Altarian is 76–83 kg (168–183 lbs) for both males and females.

Altarians are hairless with skin that lacks scales and is smooth with a velvety texture. The skin is brightly colored, exhibiting various patterns of stripes, bars, spots, blotches or dots.. The average Altarian has a very complex anatomy which caters to their long life spans. They have no hair, ear cartlidge or meme. As Altarians age, they tend to thin and become more polished. They have dull, tiny teeth which have shrunk as their diets have changed (taking supplements instead of physically eating). Their digestive systems are small, but better at storing important nutrients for later use.

Altarians are omnivores (eat meat and vegetables), but only eat raw materials when away from their manufactured nutrient supplements. Altarians have the longest life spans of any known sentient species, living for an average of 1000 years. They reach sexual maturity at 20 to 22 years of age. Females continue to develop physically until age 40 while males develop until age 60. Their physical climax starts at age 20 but can stretch out until age 900 before they begin to slowly fade in strength and stamina. An Altarian is considered elderly (and incapable of certain physical actives) when they reach 1000. They can live in most temperate, cold or hot environments provided they have appropriate shelter. Altarians have a relatively low birth rate, giving birth only every three years due to their frail bodies. Altarians produce one child per birth, but it is not rare to have a pair produced instead. Altarians also have active cerebral cortexes which is said to be the reason why they are so adept at using psionics.

Altarians are one of the few races who are naturally psionic. All Altarians are born with the innate ability to project thoughts into the minds of others (called Telepathy). This form of communication has made physically speaking between Altarians unnecessary, though they will speak to one another if there are more than one present or if they are communicating with other races. While most Altarians are restricted to thought transference alone, it is the beginning steps towards developing other psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and telekinesis.

Culture: Altarians are the most social beings of ALL the intelligent species. They not only live well among each other, but because of their long life spans, are able to communicate and understand many different races. More than any other creature, Altarians tend to communicate through words, body gestures and psychic hints. Altarians tend to be able to adjust to other creatures social structures, from the most violent to the most passive. They tend to get along well with Novacons due to their long history together and Humans who’ve taken on similar roles as leaders in their Milky Way galaxy. All Altarian societies are very organized, classifying groups by social and psionic relationships Shockingly, Altarians do believe in marriage between two individuals, and are monogamous when they mate. Altarians are impiously patient which can sometimes irritate other races. Altarian youth tend to blend in better with other species as explorers because of their eager attitudes and need to expand their horizons.
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Altarian Description
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