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 Altarian History

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PostSubject: Altarian History   Wed Aug 15, 2012 5:18 pm

Wise, noble, intelligent, powerful; these are the words used to describe the Altarians, ancient species of the Hexisan Union. The race’s existence predates the Terran Jurassic period, and covers a history enriched in philosophy, invention and Psionics. It is recorded that early Altarians evolved from amphibious creatures, but most species on their homeland have transitioned so much themselves that it is nearly impossible to profile the exact animal that the Altarians branched from. Though they had many dramatic eras within their time, including a feudal, nearly apocalyptic, and reemergence stage, the most significant of these phases came in the Altarian year of 1,765,320, when the awakening of Psionics shook the race’s foundation.

Early Altarian Psions were looked at as outcasts, and tried hiding their secret from the rest of society. However, as more and more Altarians were born with this rare gift, the social structure began to adjust, and soon, Psionics was a new way of Altarian life. With a surplus of psions, the race soon began to invent Psi-Tech, a knowledge based off of Psionic manipulation. They used it to invent, recreate, and fuel their world. Crystallized materials helped store and reprocess psionic energies, allowing the Altarians to own structures that never ran out of power. Entire metropolises, spacecrafts and mobile cities soon replaced popular natural resources, furthermore requiring a demand for natural crystals.

It wasn’t long afterwards that Altarians, who were usually very cautious, began expanding outwards into the dangerous recesses of the Hexisan Galaxy in search of gems that could store their psionic power. Nearly a year after launching their search parties, Altarians not only located several planets ripe for mining, but a new, advanced race living a few hundred light years away. The Novacons, a might-driven race who admired martial technology, seemed the perfect allies to help Altarians search for precious stones. In return for their aid, Altarians were willing to teach this strength-minded race the discipline of Psionics. However, the Novacons had no desire to share their half of the galaxy with their new visitors, and after years of spying, declared war on the Altarian civilization.

The conflict went for nearly two-hundred years, and was the worse campaign both races had ever taken part in. 12 planets, 283 cities, and nearly 4 billion lives had been destroyed. The Novacons, who outnumbered the Altarians 3-1, used their vicious combat weapons to wipe out entire lineages of Altarian people. The Altarians, who were more reluctant to turn to such merciless tactics, tried using their mental abilities to turn the Novacons against each other, but when that strategy failed, the ancient aliens had few choices left, but to turn to cruel methods in order to end the war. Using their advanced ships to annihilate their much slower adversaries, the Altarians all, but destroyed the entirety of the Novacon Military within ten years time.

The Novacons had little choice but to submit if they wished to keep their race intact. After 198 years of war, one that cost both sides nearly half their population, the Novacons finally signed the treaty of Calimaine, and submitted their rights as a government to the Altarian people. In response, the Altarians tried to restore their crystal pursuit, negotiating a deal that would allow the Novacons to exist as their own society once more. The Novacon would aid in procuring and cultivating gems for the next one-hundred years, and then would be released from Altarian rule. The Novacons agreed, and after decades of harvesting jewels, found that the community they’d built with their rulers had made them stronger as a whole. The Novacons regained their independence, but continued to work with Altarians, sparking the beginning of the Hexisan Union.

As time went on, the two races soon uncovered a great many other intelligent life forms, including the Balidar, Elashani, and Rasari. They uncovered a great many mysteries of the Hexisan galaxy, including harnessing negative matter, mastering intergalactic travel and studying what lies on the outermost fringes of the universe. Soon, the Hexisan Union was officially established, basing its core beliefs on keeping the quality of life within their organization at its peak while exploring new parts of the universe in search of new beings who could join their alliance. For a great many years the Hexisan Union existed in quiet, until shockingly, it would be they who were discovered by another group of races.

The inhabitants of the Milky Way, consisting of Human, Ullitor, Solin and Naga races, had incorrectly plotted an intergalactic course, and found themselves in the middle of Hexisan territory. Cautiously, the Hexisan Union made advances to introduce themselves to the lost explorers, and after determining that the creatures came in peace, helped the Milky Way crews survive. After learning about Milky Way society, Altarian heads-of-state made the decision that they would send their top minds along with other Hexisan officials to act as diplomats and offer the Milky Way people a chance to work together. The process was relatively uncomplicated, and after only fifty years, the Milky Way inhabitants had joined the Hexisan Union, making it larger than it had ever been before.
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Altarian History
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