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 Novacon Description

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Racial Name: Novacons (Know-va-Con-z)

Alias: Logoth

Nicknames: Cyber-aliens, Might Chasers

Home Galaxy: Hexisan

Home Planet: Traydicreene (Trey-Dik-ree-n)

Alternative Planet Names: None

Colonized Planets: Ahaxohev, Birenuro, Moons of Cesudeha, Cuzni, Darca, Davar,
Ebkif, Enaom, Fydarlal, Hemokiti, Moons of Ivere, Kavenuyi, Leva, Meteor belts of Nelat,
Nirihubo, Okinelax, Otiil, Raker, Moons of Reret, Risem, Tahayaz, Udiin, Uxaor, Vylor

Major Organizations: Hexisan Union, Imperial Protectorate of City-States

Physical Description: Novacons are bipedal creatures with a torso, head, two arm and two legs. They have four major sense organs, in which three are located on the head. They have two eyes, two ears, one mouth (all located on the head) and a large set of nervous tissue throughout their skin. They are descendents of early burrowing mammals. Novacon body types are stout and sturdy. They are shorter than most other races, with stiff, muscular builds. The average height of an adult Novacon is about 1.67 meters (5 feet 6 inches) tall. The average mass of an adult Novacon is 72.5 kg (160 lbs) for both males and 54.4 kg (120 lbs) for females.

Novacons are hairless with tough, hard skin. The flesh is dully colored, varying in shades of gray, pastel green and ivory. The Novacon race has an intricate anatomy which stems from their diverse ecosystem. They have no hair or ear cartilage. As Novacons age, they tend to wrinkle, sag and thin. They have tiny serrated teeth which help them chew hardened vegetation and tough animal hides. Their digestive systems are made to store food for days, as early Novacons had to travel from fertile territory to fertile territory.
Novacon Description NovaconCyberware
Novacons are omnivores (eat meat and vegetables), but have turned away from physical food, instead turning to nutrient supplements. Novacons have moderate life spans, living for an average of 70 years. They reach sexual maturity at 15 to 18 years of age. Females continue to develop physically until age 18 while males develop until age 20. Their physical climax starts at age 13, but can stretch out until age 40 before they begin to slowly fade in strength and stamina. A Novacon is considered elderly (and incapable of certain physical actives) when they reach 60. They can live in most temperate, cold or hot environments provided they have appropriate shelter. Novacons have a relatively low birth rate, able to give birth only every year. Novacons also have very adaptable bodies which can adjust to their constant body augmentations that the culture has become obsessed with.

Culture: Novacons are considered closed minded by other races. Their culture values power as an ultimate authority. They enjoy flaunting their personal supremacy by undergoing surgical procedures that adjoin massive, metallic parts to their natural forms. More than any other creature, Novacons tend to have a very strict social order where rank is valued above all other considerable aspects. They believe in speaking only when spoken to, and often thrive on body posture as a main line of communication. Novacons do not work well with many other races, but do respect Altarians for their power, Elashani for their rapport and Balidar because of their prowess. They despise Rasari for their secretive nature, and tend to think that Humans, Naga and Ullitors are too savage to deal with. They are impartial to Solins. Novacon society still depends on classification through power. They believe in arranged relationships, including business, friendship and mates. They believe in monogamy, but will look outside of their relationships if reproduction problems surface. Novacons are extremely narcissistic which can sometimes isolate them from other social orders.
Novacon Description Novacons
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Novacon Description
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