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 Novacon History

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The history of the Novacons encompasses a long line of war, governmental struggle and lust for power. Some of the earliest Novacon records report that their has always been a rich political system subdivided into several hundred noble, warlike units that constantly have clashed with one another. Intriguingly, each organization has reached their peak of planetary authority when possessing the most state-of-the-art technology (from alloy metals to long range weaponry), sparking a trend that forced leaders to ensure that their militaries were by far the most advanced.

This volatile government system remained in place until the Novacon year 32301, when the race collectively discovered the art of interstellar travel. Political clans, who already craved technology to the point of augmenting their bodies with flashy cybernetic parts (in order to display dominance), knew that whoever controlled the stars, controlled the other nobles. So the race began to create starships and transports that could annihilate the competition, and before long, the clans were once again warring. Then, in 34818, the Greinos clan finally managed to do what no other clan had been able to for nearly 25 thousand years...conquer all of the other powers that be.
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The Novacons finally ruled under one flag, and after a few years of recovery, ventured out into other solar systems to harvest much needed natural resources. For almost a century the Novacons saw peace, a trend that did not sit well with them. Then, just as the populace had reached a new high, they were introduced to an outside species known as the Altarians. The ancient Altarians were exploring the shared galaxy as well, in search of crystallized resources for their homeland’s machinery. The creatures were looked at as a threat to the Novacons, as the outsiders tried to persuade Novacon beliefs in exchange for a more nonviolent approach. The Novacons attempted to look past the Altarian’s assertiveness, but it would prove to be too much.
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Within the birth of their relationship, the Novacons had already declared war on the Altarians. For 200 years the two species fought, each claiming distinct victories during their campaign. Then, late in the last century, the Altarians finally unleashed all that they had on their enemies, using Psionics, advanced weaponry and biological weapons to drive the Novacons to the point of near extinction. Novacon leaders grudgingly accepted defeat, honoring their thousands of years of tradition, and submitting to the more dominant power. Luckily, the Altarians were far more forgiving then Novacons, and in a generous contract for peace, seized rights to the Novacons for only 100 years, until the race could learn to adopt a more tranquil approach to governing a society.

Soon the Novacons were under a new set of laws that prohibited war without distinct justification. Strangely, the Novacons were willing to submit under these new regulations, focusing their concentration on non-combative technologies. Their obsession with advanced hardware lead the race to formulate new ways to broadcast computer communications, subplanet resource harvesters, and negative mass gauges. Before long, the race’s progress also helped find three additional sentient species (Balidar, Elashani and Rasari). The Novacon not only helped discover, but cultivate their new brothers into their society and organize the Hexisan Union, an organization that looked to help the Universe prosper for all of existence. Though they still demand order and rules, the Novacon are now a more serene race, helping the Hexisan Union flourish through high quality technology.
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Novacon History
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