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 The Sacred Guards

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PostSubject: The Sacred Guards   Fri Mar 22, 2013 5:12 pm

The Sacred Guards

The Sacred Guards are a military organization of the House of Veneration that acts like their armed forces. The institute was originally set up to protect the House’s clerical hierarchy, but as the religious society grew, so did need for a defense unit. Slowly, the Sacred Guard cultivated until they were nearly one-million strong. Though they are still the smallest service branch in the Terran Alliance, they’re still considered one of the more elite fighting forces. Their motto, “Defend the defenseless”, has been frequently borrowed by other associations, and is a household saying throughout the Milky Way. The Sacred Guards only has three branches, the Sacred Guards of the Waters (navy), the Sacred Guards of Land (army), and the Sacred Guards of the Stars (space force). Out of the three, the largest is the Sacred Guards of Land.

(Sacred Guard of Land Troop)

The Sacred Guards have the fewest ranks out of any military organization. They promote not just by performance, but conduct. Those who earn honorable mentions or display noble acts of bravery are often recruited into the Empyrean Legion, a religious knighthood that is one of the largest Terran special forces corps. Some Sacred Guards also advance into the Sanctus Proeliator, a holy detachment that substituted for the Sacred Guards, and who protect only the highest of Priests. They are considered a sub-branch of the Sacred Guards.

(Members of the Sanctus Proeliator)
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The Sacred Guards
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