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 Nāga History

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The Nāga are one of the only synthetic races that have been accepted into the Milky Way Alliance. Though there is a smattering of other false species, the Nāga’s large population, history and sentient ability has made them the exception under the rules of Terrans. Though this is something they pride themselves on, their dark past and short life spans make Nāga a tragic tale in the long line of chronicles within the Milky Way history.
Nāga History Junglepanet
It began when Prometheus Enterprises reached their peak of power, out-financing the T.A.F. and House of Veneration 2-1 during the years of exploration. Prometheus had just completed mapping out nearly two-thirds of the galaxy, and were ready to adopt a new project. They decided to genetically produce a race that the Corporation could use to help them become the ultimate power in the Milky Way. By manipulating human and snake cells, Prometheus scientists were able to create an adaptable, vigorous, and more importantly, compliant synthetic species which they cultivated on the planets of Phaya 2 and Phaya 3.
Nāga History Junglepanet2
At first, all seemed to be going as planned. The Nāga creatures worked subserviently to their human creators, helping staff their labor fields, military and space crews. However, as time went on, and the short-lived race began overpopulating their systems (even with their shortened life spans of 40 years or less), Nāga began to revolt and look to outside parties for help. They yearned for independence and soon, T.A.F. and House of Veneration officials were investigating Nāga informants and their claim that Prometheus Enterprises was falsifying the discovery of a new alien race so they could exploit them. Outside officials pushed forward charges against Prometheus, accusing them of crimes against humanity. Prometheus, knowing their secret had surfaced, gave up the Nāga, and after firing a majority of its upper management, went into a passive mode of existence.
Nāga History Nagapro
Meanwhile, the Nāga eventually gained their independence, but were still trapped in a world of segregation. While the T.A.F. would give them judicial rights in the Milky Way, the House of Veneration were less accepting within their jurisdiction, rejecting the false species as creations of a one-almighty-God. With little to offer beyond their physical abilities, Nāga began to work as miners, soldiers and any other physical professions that they could muster. Their monstrous appearance, frightening birth rate (20 or more per birth) and eerie habits (predatorily behavior) made the Nāga outcasts for nearly another one-hundred years, until finally, the introduction of the Hexisan Union came to pass.

Once the Hexisan arrived, Nāga’s questionable creation began to become less of an issue, and soon, the Snakeoids history was put aside. Humans, were now outnumbered and needed the Nāga at their side. Though most Milky Way inhabitants would always hold the Nāga’s genetically altered creation against them, it seemed that there were bigger issues at hand then worrying about the natural state of one minor species. Even better, as Hexisan communities realized the potential of Nāga, the snake race began to finally be treated as equals outside of the Milky Way Galaxy, becoming needed in a world that valued the capabilities associated with exploration over the record of origin.
Nāga History SNK
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Nāga History
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