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 Psionics: Gerontokinesis

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PostSubject: Psionics: Gerontokinesis   Wed Jan 16, 2013 1:12 pm

Gerontokinesis is the ability to control the age of organisms and non-living objects. Psions can accelerate or reverse age of organisms. They may cause a person to instantly become geriatric or reverse back to an adolescent. This ability also allows the Psion to transfer age from one living organism to another. At later, more advanced stages of this ability, the Psion can also age non-living organisms or even stop aging for himself/herself or others to completely cease.


1D Age Transfer-This ability allows the Psion to transfer age between two living creatures. By touching two individuals, the Psion can trade years at a rate of one year per five seconds of physical contact (1 round). The recipients may openly accept this transfer, or attempt to resist by “willing it” away. The Psion with Age Transferal MUST be touching both subjects for this ability to work. While a few years of transmission may have no effects, decades may cause the subjects to become healther/sicker, stronger/weaker or more/less mentally capable.

2D Age Acceleration- This ability allows the Psion to add years to the recipient without having to transfer it to another living object. The target may openly accept the change or attempt to resist the ability by “willing” the ability away. First the Psion must be able to physically touch the inheritor. Once they’ve made contact, they may add a year per every five seconds (round) that they are touching them. While one or two years is not a significant amount, decades of change will cause the recipient to weaken both physically and mentally.

3D Age Reversal-The Psion can now also reverse the age of themselves and other living objects without having to transfer it to another living object. Much like Age Acceleration, the Psion must be touching the subject. The target may accept the reversal openly or try to resist it. Just as Age Acceleration, the Psion can age a year per five seconds (1 round). While one or two rounds may only minutely change appearance and stature, decades can cause serious side affects both physically and mentally.

4D Adjust Appearance- The Psion may now physically alter the age appearance of an individual without causing unwanted physical atrophy or infancy. He/She can make skin sag/tighten, hair turn white/bright and thin/strengthen their visage. The Psion can only alter the recipient to change as they once were or are destined to genetically become, and can not create false features (such as make a pregenetically disposed thin man become burly and muscular). The Psion must be able to touch the subject, and can transfer time at a rate of one year per five seconds (1 round). Much like all previous powers, the target may openly accept the change or attempt to “will” against it.

5D Decelerate Aging- At this level of mental training, the Psion can make either themselves or others age more slowly than the normal speed for their species. The Psion or their recipient must be willing for this power to work. By concentrating on the target for an extended period of time (1 hour), the Psion may slow the amount of physical years by half or greater. Once this ability is used on a target, it can not be attempted again for at least one year’s time.

6D Age the Mundane- At this level of Mastery a Psion can Accelerate or Reverse age for non-living material. The Psion must be able to touch the object in order to make this change. The Psion can alter the age by one year per five seconds (1 round). The larger an object is, the more difficult it becomes to change the subject. The Psion is capable of making new clothes tattered and old or make it so a withered boat become sturdy and seaworthy again.

7D Rot Inducement- The Psion can cause anything organic or mundane to wither, rot and decay. The user can make tissue cells age at such rapid speeds that their mere touch causes death. While using Rot Inducement, the Psion must be touching the target. The subject may go from healthy adult to withered corpse in mere seconds (or dust and rubble in the case of inanimate objects). To activate the power, the Psion must physically touch the recipient. Once activated, the target can attempt to resist the ability, “willing” himself/herself against it. This rotting damage is extremely painful. If the character survives, their limbs and muscles are still worn and putrefied momentarily. If the effects are overwhelming (exceeds the target’s condition boxes), they decay into death.

8D Cell Repair- The Psion can control age on a single target at a micro-cellular level, including but not limited to healing wounds, ridding transmitted diseases, or detoxifying poisons. The Psion does so by manipulating cells to reverse in age, inducing an advanced type of healing. The Healer can not alter or adapt cells, only revert them to their original stasis before any wounds occurred.

9D Distant Aging- With this ability, the Master Psion has become so adept at aging people, that he/she does not need to physically touch the subject to make them reverse or grow older. So long as the target is within line of site, the Psion can use their Gerontokinesis abilities on the recipient. The target still can resist normally if they wish to “will it” away. Any distractions, cover, or limited vision should be added to the difficulty of locking on to the target.

10D Immunity to Age- The Psion is so talented at speeding up or reversing age, that they can stop the expiration of cells all together. The Psion can choose either himself or a single target, and with great focus (1 hour’s worth), stop cellular cessation. The recipient must be willing for the ability to work (easy to repel otherwise), or unconscious, for the Psion to stop the aging process. The Psion must then succeed in a “very difficult” check for the effect to work. If the Psion fails, he/she can not attempt again on the target for at least one year. If they succeed, the target no longer grows old, but can die from other causes such as wounds, disease, etc.
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Psionics: Gerontokinesis
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