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 Psionic: Telekinesis

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PostSubject: Psionic: Telekinesis    Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:43 pm


The ability to move objects through Psionics.

Telekinesis Difficulty List

Very Easy for objects weighing one kilogram or less OR 2.2 lbs or Less

Easy for objects weighing one to ten kilograms OR 2.3 lbs to 22.05 lbs

Moderate for objects 11 to 100 kilograms OR 24.25 lbs to 220.46 lbs

Difficult for 101 kilograms to one metric ton OR 222.67 lbs to 2,204.62 lbs

Very Difficult for 1,001 kilograms to ten metric tons OR 2,206.83 lbs to 22,046.23 lbs

Heroic for objects weighing 10,001 kilograms to 100 metric tons OR 22,048.43 lbs to 220,462.26 lbs

Object may be moved at 10 meters per round; add +5 per additional 10 meters per round. The target must be in sight of the Psion.

Increased difficulty if object isn't moving in simple, straight-line movement:

+ 1 to +5 for gentle turns.

+ 6 to +10 for easy maneuvers.

+11 to +25 or more for complex maneuvers, such as using
a levitated weapon to attack.

Modified by proximity.
This power may be kept "up."

Effect: This power allows the Psion to levitate and move objects with the power of her mind alone. If used successfully,
the object moves as the Psion desires. A Psion can levitate several objects simultaneously, but each additional object requires a new telekinesis roll.
This power can be used to levitate oneself or others. It can be used as a primitive space drive in emergencies. When used to levitate someone against their will, the target may resist by adding her Perception or control roll to the difficulty number.
Levitated objects can be used to attack other characters.

Such objects do

1D damage if under a kilogram
2D if one to ten kilos
4D if 11 to 100 kilos
5D if 101 kilos to one metric ton
6D starfighter-scale damage if one to ten tons and 5D starfighter-scale damage if 11 to 100 metric tons.

Such attacks require an additional control roll by the Psion,
which acts as an attack roll against the target's dodge. If the
target doesn't dodge the attack, the difficulty is 10 + Cover and other Combat Modifiers.
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Psionic: Telekinesis
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