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 Psionic Technology (Psi-Tech)

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PostSubject: Psionic Technology (Psi-Tech)   Fri Dec 28, 2012 1:56 pm


Psi-Tech is a generic name for a type of Altarian technology developed to encapsulate the use of psionics. Most Psi-Tech is very basic, needing only three essential components to allow it to function. The three fundamentals are raw materials, psi-crystals and a psion who can mentally program the mechanics to work.

The first necessity is simple. Raw materials are the natural structure of the design. It is the stone, metal and screws of the items that the architect may want to use in order to allow the device to function. Some of the most basic psi-tech items, such as streetlights, require a metal pole, light lenses and a bulb to function.  

The second components, psi-crystals, are an energy source. Early Altarians learned (see more on Psi-Crystals below) that certain indigenous gems within their planet’s surface, and other planets as well, were able to not only accept charges of psionic energy, but also recycle it for centuries before finally breaking down. While the process of learning how to implant psionic abilities into a psi-crystal is complicated, the value of its benefits compared to standard technology is unparalleled.

The third, and most important part of psi-tech is the mental programming of the item. This requires the Technical skill, "Psi-Programming". While psionics in itself is solely based off of mental discipline, the ability to manifest that power into an inanimate object requires a great degree of training. Most psionic programmers are looked at as top minds within their culture and given a great deal of respect. First the mental programmer must master his/her psionic talents, and then they must learn how to implant that power into the object through years of schooling. Finally, they must force this power (limited to powers they possess) into the highly charged crystal. The transference can be a hazardous process, as the highly energized crystals’ atomic structure is actually being manipulated. However, once all of these steps are complete, a new psi-tech item is born.

Some of the most basic of psi-technology includes elevators, motion sensor doors and lighting. These items can often be found on many developed Hexisan planets. Some of the rarer technology however, such as psi-vehicles, factory machinery and sensors can only be found on the Altarian planet of Talodonis, where the most acclaimed mental programmers reside.

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PostSubject: Psionically Programmed Crystals (Psi-Crystals)   Fri Dec 28, 2012 3:46 pm

Psionically Programmed Crystals, Psi-Crystals, Altarian Gold, these are just a few of the many monikers given to the resource that changed the Hexisan Galaxy. These ordinary, yet extraordinary crystals have created a galactic enterprise, birthing wars and industrial revolutions. The reason? Psi-Crystals possess the inherent ability to not only be imprinted by psionic abilities, but also reprocess the impression for years afterwards.

For centuries the crystals had no applicable uses besides bending light or being used for Altarian trinkets. That is until the Psionic Scientist Maratha Teth’rahendral-Ninack began psionic research related to energy conservation. He attempted to use hundreds of natural resources in order to fuel natural psionic energy, but only realized the full capability of psi-crystals on accident, when a psion test subject overloaded his abilities, causing a lab meltdown. After cleaning up the wreckage, Maratha Teth’rahendral-Ninack found that a collection of rocks he’d analyzing had not only changed pigment, but were off the charts with psionic energy.

Ninack immediately began investigating the reason, and found that the crystals’ atomic level had been slightly altered, allowing the crystals to reuse what energy the test subject had expelled for future expenditure. After several more years of research, Maratha finally came out with his findings. Several different government programs funded his works and soon Psi-Tech was the fresh face of Hexisan technology.

However, not all crystals can be considered psionically capable. Many are naturally fabricated gems, too primitive to hold the energy within their glassy surfaces. To be a viable psi-crystal, the gem must have been created during the original big bang, when ultra hot subatomic molecules fused together to create natural matter. Once these rocks were created, then then had to settle within a planet’s surface for millions of years, absorbing large amounts of radiation from older stars through the planet’s surface (which is why many psi-crystals are found only on older planets). Only then are these crystals readily available for imprint, if they can be found and harvested.

Though these crystals have evolved the way Hexisan creatures live, it did not come without a price. Hundreds of Altarian explorers, researchers and miners lost their lives upon the initial search to find more of these rocks on other planets. Millions more would perish when Novacons and Altarians began their war, a fight sparked by Altarians search for more psi-crystals. This war would end in a Novacon boon as repentance, a repentance that caused more Novacons their lives while harvesting the crystals for their Altarian beneficiaries.

Yet with all the chaos notwithstanding, there comes the marvel that is the psi-crystal. Its source for energy and ability to be sculpted for good use has created cleaner environments, more stable energy sources and cities that feast off of its efficiency. It is the most desired resource in the Hexisan galaxy and will be the zenith for a great many years, until the next new discovery can take its place.
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Psionic Technology (Psi-Tech)
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