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 Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal

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PostSubject: Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal   Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Icon_minitimeThu Dec 13, 2012 12:06 am


Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal MarshalWeller_zpsdb61f89a

NAME: Captain Garret Weller                         OCCUPATION: Space Marshal[/color]
SPECIES: Human                                         Height: 6’ or 1.83m   Weight: 190lbs or 86.18
AGE: 21 Earth Years Old                               Body Points: 34
Character Points :14/250                                 STUNNED                      27-20       [_]
Fate Points : 1                                             WOUNDED                    19-13       [_]
Strength Damage: 2D                                    SEVERELY WOUNDED        12-6         [_]
Movement : 10                                             INCAPACITATED            5-3           [_]
Funds : 4D                                                   MORTALLY WOUNDED   2-1           [_]
Capital : Per 46,318 CC 47,405                         DEAD     0                                 [_]
Debit: 1,030,000
Fast Reactions: [_] [_] [_]                             CURRENT ARMOR RATING:________
AGLITY 3D                                                          MECHANICAL 3D            
Acrobatics                                                           Comm 3D+1                                          
Brawling 3D+1                                                       Exoskeleton Operation 3D+1
Dodge   3D+1                                                        Gunnery 3D+1
Energy Weapons 4D                                               Navigation 3D+2
Energy Weapons: Pistols  6D+2 (8D+2)                      Piloting : 4D
Firearms                                                               Piloting : Fighters 5D+1 (7D+1)
Flying/ 0-G 3D+1                                                   Sensors 3D+1
Melee Combat                                                       Shields 3D+1
Missile Weapons                                                    Vehicle Operation 3D+1
Riding     3D+1                                                      Rocket Pack Operation 4D
Running 3D+1
Sleight of Hand                                                       PERCEPTION 4D
                                                                         Bargain (+3 DC)
                                                                         Command 5D (+3 DC)                                  
STRENGTH 3D                                                       Con
Climb/Jump 3D+1                                                   Forgery
Lift        3D+1                                                      Gambling
Stamina 3D+1                                                       Hide
Swim 3D+1                                                           Investigation 4D+2
                                                                          Know-How 4D+1
KNOWLEDGE 3D                                                     Persuasion 5D (+3 DC)
Aliens                                                                  Search 4D+1
Astrography                                                          Sneak
Bureaucracy 3D+1
Business                                                  TECHINICAL 3D
Cultures      3D+1                                      Armor Repair
Intimidation                                              Computer Interface/Repair
Languages                                                Demolitions
Scholar      3D+1                                        Energy Weapon Repair
Security Regulations                                   Exoskeleton Repair
Streetwise                                                Firearms Repair
Survival 4D                                               Flight Systems Repair 3D+1
Tactics                                                    Gunnery Repair
Willpower 4D+1                                          Medicine
                                                               Personal Equipment Repair
                                                               Robot Interface/Repair
                                                               Vehicle Repair


Authority (R3) Law Enforcement: Space Marshal
With Authority: Law Enforcement (R3), the character may enforce the law on multiple planets in a system.
Fame 1 TAF of the Norma Arm
Fame 1 Hero of Plato's Favor
Contact 1 Yunobi

Devotion (R2)
T.A.F. Ideals

Employed (R2)
Space Marshal

Enemy (R1)
Dorian Lovecraft

Enemy (R3)
Various Galactic Criminals

Hindrance (R3) Arrogant
+3 to Persuasion, Bargain, and Command Difficulties


Ambidextrous (2)
The character is equally adept with her right or left hand. She may perform an action with each hand in the same round, and, though she takes the multi-action penalty, she receives a +1 per rank to each skill total. The actions must involve the hands and each action must require only one hand. If the character performs only one hand-related action in a round, she does not get the bonus. Some skills that characters could employ with either hand include brawling, sleight of hand, firearms, throwing, lift, artist, forgery, and the map-making aspect of navigation, though, of course, not every task covered by each skill is relevant. A character may take multiple ranks of this Special Ability for two pairs of hands and multiple ranks for each additional manipulative limb.

Fast Reactions (3)
The character gains +1D per rank to his Perception when determining initiative, and, for up to three times during the adventure, he may receive one additional action for one round.

Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRw2NEfH2pqX52G2awHJZ8V8kcgHk1bZOHRKvw-kJudIaS78NUg
The heavy laser pistol is a specially modified firearm used for heavy law enforcement and military forces. Its design allows the heavy laser pistol to focus more energy at blistering temperatures, melting away armor or protective cover. Since the heavy pistol does demand more energy, it does not hold as many shots as the light laser pistol, topping out at 50 shots per battery back.

AVAILABILITY: 1, F TYPE: Heavy Laser Pistol
SCALE: Character
AMMO: 50
MEDIUM (+5): 75
LONG (+10): 175
Heavy Laser Pistol Packs [_] [_] [_]
 Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Th_CP-30-Laser-Pulse-Pistol

TYPE: Heavy Plasma Pistol
SCALE: Character
AMMO: 25
MEDIUM (+5): 25
LONG (+10): 50
Heavy Plasma Pistol Cells [_] [_] [_]

Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal LaserRifle

TYPE: Heavy Security Long Range Laser Rifle with Ultra and Infra Imaging Scope
Scale: Character
AMMO: 100
SHORT: 0-50
MEDIUM (+5): 51-300
LONG (+10): 301-3000
Heavy Laser Rifle Packs [_]
Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Knife
TYPE: Melee Weapon                            SCALE:Character                   Damage: +1D
Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Stunbaton
Stun Melee Weapon
SCALE: Character Damage: +1D+1 and pulse capabilities against robots & electronics

Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ2z9kTDouNCgrdi4AV2Nex9scDrJHGHhL33TR0F4jvB-flkKU4DQ

Nonconductive Fibers Long Coat
 TYPE: Personal Armor
SCALE: Character
BONUS: +1 to Damage Resistance Tests
Nonconductive Fibers Street Attire
 TYPE: Personal Armor
SCALE: Character
BONUS: +1 to Damage Resistance Tests
Nonconductive Fibers Professional Business Ware
 TYPE: Personal Armor
SCALE: Character
BONUS: +1 to Damage Resistance Tests
Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS2zeSeXL1GaaIiRp_BDYHo6AD8ncGTP7SnA7V9AgxezB9eVA3WQQ
Armored Vest
TYPE: Personal Armor
SCALE: Character BONUS: +2 to Damage Resistance Tests

Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Stock-photo-an-isolated-picture-of-a-colonial-marine-ranger-in-full-jungle-camouflage-in-a-combat-stance-32251675

Camouflage Suit
 TYPE: Outdoor Military Armor
SCALE: Character
BONUS: +1D to Damage Resistance Tests, +2 to Hide Skill Checks when adapted to it's surroundings
 Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Armorspacesuit2_zps277e0922
Weller’s Personal Fighter Space Armor
TYPE: Armored Space Suit
 SCALE: Character
 BONUS: +2D+2 to Damage Resistance Tests
 NOTES: Also has personal communications, zero gravity life supports, radiation resistances, magnetic boots, T.A.F. vulture rocket pack, vision magnification, grapple gun with 50m Steel Cable & enhanced sensors within helmet capable of Ultra and Infra Vision.
 Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal JetPack
T.A.F. Vulture
Hull 2D
Armor --
Maneuverability 3D+1
(Type: Personal rocket pack
Skill: Rocket pack operation
Availability: 2, R
FUEL: Can burst twenty times, each burst lasting 3 seconds, 1 Round. [[ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ]]
Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Belt

Equipment Belt with Quick Draw Holster

Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal ExplorersPack

Apollo Pack
Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQl0NvImh6efv_j4iFMI-Pb_OlcRpzUJF8V4De-Xa1rh_xNh-gt

Under Arm Quick-Draw Holster Rig
A favorite among gunslingers, the springloaded quick-draw holster is only available for nonbulky pistol weapons or melee weapons. With this holster, drawing the weapon does not count as an action, so characters may perform it in the same turn as using the weapon without penalty. In addition, when the character engages in a “quick-draw” contest, she can add 1D to her initiative. It does not provide any special initiative bonus during normal combat.
Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal AirMask

Prometheus "Savior”
Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ5RLAoixj_SRLia68Qr0OvPFQm2ABtKrPXRlYt8ijlyicURJapGw

Small flashlights reduces darkness modifiers by 2D in a cone-shaped area up to five meters from the user. The internal batteries can be recharged off any local current (the base includes several adapters).
 Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal 2Q==
Hand Cuffs
Low-tech metal adjustable restraints require the key or a Moderate sleight of hand roll to remove; 18 Body Points/2 Wound levels; damage resistance total 15. Key comes with purchase of handcuffs

Orin Griff Cred Key : 3,275 Capital

Rav owes ZERO
Spencer owes 2,500
Whal owes ZERO
Peyton owes 3,000
Voshosal Brisbane owes 3,500

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PostSubject: Re: Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal   Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Icon_minitimeSun Aug 25, 2013 7:58 pm

Recruiting Station
Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Zrunner
The moon was one of the first globes to be colonized by humans, and appears nearly identical to many Earth cities except that there is no going outside, unless you are a technician wearing a space capable environmental containment suit. Its massive indoor metropolises cover nearly 3/4ths of the moons gray surface and houses over 10 million people, not counting countless more transients coming and going at a constant rate. Plasma generators blanket the planet in a protective outside layer that keeps the moon safe from outside hazards such as meteorites and other forms of space debris. Man made rivers and imported vegetation have given the moon some of the most breathtaking underground parks in the Solar System. Earth’s moon is also well known for being the home of the Center of Astronomy and Terran Allied Forces Command Center.

With my 18th birthday 7 months passed, and with graduation day come and gone I was eager to start my 10 year term with the Terran Allied Forces and so I made my way towards the recruiting station which was located amongst the hustle and bustle of Luna Mono Rails central plaza, which was the central hub of all of the Moon’s various transportation services and shuttles. All roads lead to Rome.

Once inside the Staff Sergeant on duty greeted me with a grim expression and dead level eyes despite the vibrant colors adorning his dress uniform. His Tunic of Black, Grey and Gold was not only loaded with enough ribbons to make a  space freighter shudder under the load, but tailor made so that there was no needless sleeve hanging flaccid where his right arm wasn’t. When I came to a stop in front of his desk it was plain to see that His pants had also been tailor made to accommodate his lack of legs. From his expression I deduced that while being  3 limbs short of a full deck was acceptable, my presence was an actual burden and bother upon his day.

With cold uncaring eyes he sized me up for a moment with compassion comparable to what you expect from the front bumper of a Mass Troop Transport.

“I am here to Soldier up, Sir!” I could feel the grin stretching to reach my ears.

“Sergeant.” His tone was about as lifeless as his eyes.

“Say again, Sir?” The grin failed to faultier.

“ I work for a living, my Rank is that of Sergeant.” His tone was particularly grim.

“ Yes, Si….Sar-Gant, I am here to Soldier Up, Sar-Gant!” I was on my game.

“Do not say it like that. You sound like an extra from a Corwin Victory Movie when you say it like that. Is that what you are? Are you some Hollywood Actor? Do you know what being a Soldier requires?” His voice was a steady drum beat like a death dirge.

“ Yes, Sergeant.” I would not be phased.

“Yes you are an Actor? A Celebrity come in here to raise my cheer? Is this one of them Morale Shows I heard about?” His tone was without cheer, no mirth.

“No, Sergeant. I know what it takes to be a Soldier.” The million Capital Smile was now worth maybe enough to buy a flat cup of Sol Cola, warm.

“Most people who come in here think that all it takes is two hands, two feet, and mind enough to be a dumb animal. Are you a dumb animal?” It was an earnest question.

“ No Sergeant I am not a Dumb Animal, Sergeant.” I wasn’t?

“ Tell me why I am sitting here then, instead of some Hollywood Poster Boy like yourself.” It was not rhetorical, and when I failed to provide a prompt response he unloaded.

“ The Government does not give single Solin Slippery Shit if you join or not Super Star. It has become a stylish fad for you people, for to many of you people. Every Randy and Dandy wants to do a term to get themselves a little lapel pin that says they are a Vet’ran ….whether they have seen combat or not. Are you looking to see the Universe? Is this some long term investment plan you have laid out, so someday you can tell interesting stories about your Glory Days around a recycled water cooler?” He managed to raise the intensity of the conversation without touching the volume.

“If you are actually here to Serve in the Terran Allied Forces, and you are not just here wasting the T.A.F.’s time I will find a place for you Hollywood. Though be warned here and now that with every swinging Dick and Jane signing up these days looking to earn themselves some Rank and Title to toss about their social circles, we are running out of places for you people. With it being  the Constitutional Right of Citizens to Serve a Term we have to take you and everyone else like you, regardless if you are actual Soldier material or not.”  He paused to take a bored breath before he carried on with slightly narrowed eyes.

“Now that you know that we have to take you, let me inform you as to what will be actual expected of you if you go through with this.” He frowned and I nodded.

“Everything. We will expect all you have to give, and more. Even our frontline lowest ranking Infantry Privates are highly skilled and hard trained individuals who would be considered Masters in any other trade or profession. We have no use for slack jaws and dim wits, but we have your likes signing up by the droves so we find places for you regardless of you aptitude. Do you Understand?” Once more it was not rhetorical and when my response was hesitation and a a few reflexive blinks he resumed with determination.

“ The Terran Allied Forces are the best of the best fighting men and women of the Milky Way, there is no place for anything less then the best, so we have to get creative to find places for your lot regardless of your substandard intelligence, inability to follow simple instructions and lack of physical prowess.  We have had to come up with an entire list of dirty nasty dangerous jobs that will either run you home with your tail between your legs unable to complete your term of service or at the very least make your label pin and cocktail party stories hard earned. You may want to be an Ice Hound or a Fleet Marine, but know that if you do not make the cut, we will find a place for you. There are minerals we need mined by hand on frozen asteroids because the surfaces are to unstable to support mining equipment and bodies are easier to replace. There are Sanitary Duties that need to be maintained on remote posts such as Ophion where Space Rot infects 1 out of every 10. The sort of work we have for the less then the best the Milky Way has to offer is nothing short of the sort that leaves hands callused and scared.”

I wanted to tell him save me the speech because I had what it takes to be Infantry, but I failed to find my voice so he went on talking.

“I am here to discourage young starry eyed bucks like yourself.” He gestured towards where his legs were not with his left hand. “ Let us assume that you do not end up being a test subject for new and improved dieseases through your sheer lack of talent, or digging ditches through the hot rock of Flagam….Let us assume we some how manage to make a Fighting Man out of you Hollywood….Look at Me, this what you may buy….if not the whole Agricon. Not a great many of wounded in today’s training and combat. Munitions outstripped armor decades ago and there is no catching up insight. I am one of the Lucky Ones. Chances are your Momma is going to get a really heart felt pre approved letter of deep condolences and a free coffin ceremony regardless if there is anything left of you to put in it or not.”

“ So why not turn around now and chalk this up to a life lesson, easy learned? Go to College and become an over paid Prometheus financial wizard with a perky secretary, or dedicate yourself to serving bowls of Hot Soup to the hungry in some House of Veneration charity racket if you want to make a difference? Real Terran Allied Forces service is not some Kiddie Camp. Even in peacetime a Term of service can be described as unreasonably rough and dangerous, and it would be best you swallow that before you sign on for the Romantic Space Adventure Corwin Victory Movies told you this would be.”

I had to clear my throat before I could speak, and when I did my voice was less then rock solid. “ I had thought that upon enlisting I would have a choice of preference towards my duties?”

“ Oh yes….you get the Choice, to State Your Preference.” His smile was somehow worse then his previous expression of annoyance.

“The Placement officer will Very, very carefully examine your stated preference. The first thing he will do is a very through search through our records to see if we actually have a dire need for left handed hair stylists, assuming you are qualified. Then if you are both qualified, and we need someone at one of our outposts or battle ships to make sure everyone’s ears are properly lowed in to the latest fashion….then yes your Choice of Stated Preference will take into full account your desire to serve as real  high noon T.A.F. Scissor Slinger.” He grinned a bit, and I may have vomited in my mouth a little before regaining my composure.

“ Sergeant….I am Garret Weller, Son of Marshal Logan Weller, and I am here to sign up for Terran Allied Forces Infantry.” I was determined and proud and I believed it showed.

He was not impressed. First he looked at his right shoulder where an arm should have started, and then into my eyes with unpleasant demeanor. “ Well do excuse me if I do not jump right up and shake your hand.” His words were polite, his tone was not.


An hour later, still not sworn in I was being poked and prodded by a medical examiner during my fit for duty examination. It was an ordeal and during the process I decided that if this Doctor failed to find me ill, he would do his best to make me so, and only if failing to do so would I be stamped and approved of as fit for duty. After a spell I spoke up, giving voice to my agitation. “ Doctor, how many people actually pass this damn screening?”

“Everyone.” He was both a bored and clinical man, I could tell by his tone.

“Alright then….if everyone Passes this Screening…..what exactly are you Screening for Doc?” I may have had a shit eating grin.

“ I am screening you to find out what actual duties you are actually capable of performing, so the T.A.F. may better decide where to place you. Say for example you arrived here crippled and blind…I would note such in your file and the Brass would review such and perhaps find a place for you in the service field testing new cyber limb technology or some such. The only way to fail the screening is to be found mentally unfit to understand the Oath of Service….are you Mentally Unfit to Understand the Oath of Service?” Not rhetorical, and I was ready.

“ No Doctor, I am not Mentally Unfit. I understand the Oath of Service.” I sighed.

“Very good then….now if you will, stop interrupting.” He checked off another box on his data pad and continued the examination.

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PostSubject: Re: Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal   Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Icon_minitimeSat Oct 05, 2013 2:22 am

Weller, March 30th, 2525
Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal CaptainWeller_zps5486016d
Weller has perhaps made one of the most significant changes out of all of the Steel Witch crew. While he's still brash and cocky, Garret has learned to control his temper and words a bit more in an attempt to be a good leader. He's learned the basic rules of being a space marshal, and uses these legal regulations to help better the world one day at a time. His breakneck reflexes with energy pistols are nearly identical to his father's, and his ability to fly the Steel Witch like it's a hornet class fighter is exactly why he was handpicked to lead the hunt against Aden Macer.

Major Accomplishments: Assisting in the warrants of Alvaro Tavares, Tartok “The Crusher” Deniigi, Regina Carver, and Captain Bothvar Haklang

Marshal Weller has turned a pack of ex-cons, certified lunatics, and Hexisan aliens into a serious law enforcement crew who've saved the lives of hundreds within their four months of travel

Weller was an intricate part in fighting off Edna's Revenge (pirate ship lead by Captain Sharpe), using his skills as a fighter pilot to fend against outnumbering forces

Misdeeds/Errors: Weller has lied to H.O.V. Empyrean Legion leader, Sir Cedric Lemuix about the destruction of the Eirene Codex while destroying hundreds of priceless artifacts within the ancient dig site.

Current Plot: While hunting down wanted criminals (especially The Raven) are a priority, Weller has recently learned that the major reason he was hand selected by Commander Sebastion Breton is because the head of the Space Marshals believes that there is a serious conspiracy going on between T.A.F. officials and the Hexisan Council. Commander Breton will need Weller find out what they're up to while countering their actions if necessary.
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PostSubject: Re: Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal   Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Icon_minitimeSat Jan 18, 2014 1:29 am

Upgraded Weaponry: "The Banshees" Master Crafted Heavy Laser Pistols
Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Blasters_zpsd5732387
While on Atlantis, Captain Weller visited master weaponsmith, Ogan Doldain, who made the Marshal two Master Crafted Heavy Laser Pistols.

Damage: 6D
Range: 29/87/202
Notes: "Mean Looking", +1 to intimidation checks when being drawn while using intimidate, Quick Draw rig added
Total Cost: 5,100

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PostSubject: Re: Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal   Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Icon_minitimeWed Feb 12, 2014 7:01 pm

It seems Captain Garrett Weller has come into his own. The Marshal, unlike many gritty law enforcers, is starting to gain recognition for his elegant style. Weller has spent a pretty penny on tailored suits that not only catch one’s eye, but also protect him from dangerous energy weapons. And while some Marshals might snicker or jab at the retro-noir fashion, it seems to be helping the man hunter blend in with the public, if not more. Along with other chic members of his crew (Peyton Ashmore) , Garrett Weller has been able to collaborate with politicians, Aption members and underworld figures to get his man.
Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal MarshalWeller_zps6a023040
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PostSubject: Re: Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal   Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Icon_minitimeFri Feb 21, 2014 11:45 pm

Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal SadWeller_zps4ac03a2f
On Monday, April 16h, 2525 AD, Marshal Garret Weller of the Steel Witch, and his crew of deputies, needlessly took their own lives in the line of duty. It started after the Marshal found himself duped by an outlaw he’d been chasing. The Marshal, unable to accept his incompetence, blamed the affair of blunders on his target, Captain Jonathan Sharp, and decided to take action. Weller would learn that the dreaded Captain Sharp was a guest of King Mandagar’s, and was staying at the “Marauder Races” arena in Dovin for one final night before leaving for Protega. Although Weller knew that no man could kill Captain Sharp, as he was the deadliest Terran with a pistol, the Marshal still insisted on committing the lives of him and his men to apprehending the criminal, in hopes that he’d find answers about the missing Chancellor Anya Hosmod.

The fools stormed the arena, and as expected, were easily wiped out. Weller and his band failed in part because they did not realize thatSharp had recruited a handful of professional Dovin killers, as well as Mandagar’s arena defenders. However, it would be Sharp himself who delivered the killing shot to most of the Steel Witch Crew, slaying them to paste with his frightening pistol, “Captain’s Doom.” Services for Weller will be held at Frenchy’s, a small bar in Yenrian where the Captain liked to murder.

{To be Published in Tuesday’s Cerberus Times}

“Some Say that the Crew Would be Pathetic Cowards if They Didn’t Try to Stop Sharp, But Then Again...They’d Be Alive.”
Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal DeadWitch_zpsc8505f90
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PostSubject: Re: Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal   Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Icon_minitimeSun Apr 12, 2015 12:27 pm

Equipment Upgrade

Dear Captain,

I hope you like the trench. I know it's a bit elegant for simple folk like us, but it fits you nonetheless. I had Spencer steal your measurements long ago, as the two of us agreed you were due for an upgrade. Along with being the latest in Terran fashion, it's also loaded with everything a galactic adventurer like you may need. It's the least I can do for all that you've done for me in the past. Yes, this is one of those heartfelt notes where I  let you know that I never forgot about all the good things you'd done for me during our journeys together.  I was a lost pup, and even though you were wet behind the ears yourself, you guided me through some tough times. Now, I know it ain't easy Captain, but remember, the leadership and loyalty you have towards the crew is always noticed. We understand what kind of measures you'll take for us, even when it might feel like we're second guessing you. So please Captain, whenever you wear this coat, no that we are with you- Forever and always.

Your returned deputy,
Dixie McCoy

Stylized Battle Long-Coat
Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Trench_zpsjdq6fmdc

+1D to all Bargain, Con and Persuasion checks when wearing (and in good shape)
+1D+1 versus Damage Resistance Tests (Equal to Light Security Armor)
Fire Retardant Upgrades, Rating 6: +2D to extreme heat damage such as fire and lasers (but not plasma)
Thermal Fiber Upgrades, Rating 6: +2D to extreme cold damage (such as ice and snow)
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Psi-Crystal Upgrades: Laser Revolvers
Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal Blaste10

Damage: 6D
Range: 29/87/202
Notes: "Mean Looking", +1 to intimidation checks when being drawn while using intimidate, Quick Draw rig added
Total Cost: N/A

Energy Explosion

Through the psi-programming of the Dragon Knights of Dalirath, these laser pistols are able to activate a powerful explosion that effects all within its blast radius. To activate, the user spends a free action in order to charge the psi-crystals within the weapon's power cell. They then roll their to hit as normal, targeting a person or object. If successful, anything within 10 meters of the target takes damage from an energy explosion equal to the zone chart below.

DAMAGE: Based on Zones (anything in explosion radius of 10 meters takes damage according to zone distance- ZONE 1 (ground zero): 0-2 meters- 8D, ZONE 2: 3-5 meters- 6D, ZONE 3: 6-10 meters- 3D)

AMMO EXPENDITURE: 20 (once per day per pistol)

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Captain Garret Weller, Space Marshal
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