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 Prometheus Security Division

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PostSubject: Prometheus Security Division   Wed Nov 21, 2012 11:58 am

Prometheus Security Division

The Prometheus Security Division is a specially trained unit that helps enforce Prometheus Company Mandates throughout Prometheus property. Unlike many outside policing units, Prometheus must learn two sets of regulations, Company and Public, in order to properly conduct their work. The first set of regulations, Company, are what procedures Prometheus can enforce onto their own assets (including employees). Since Prometheus does not believe in individual rights like most other Terran Alliance administrations do, they are allowed to implement whatever actions they judge fit so long as it follows the Prometheus Protection Act (each Security Officer is equipped with a mobile electronic instruction manual to reference). Most rules in the Prometheus Protection Act tend to safeguard company resources more than personal comforts, rewarding the Prometheus mantra, “What can you give Prometheus today so it can give back tomorrow?”

The second set of regulations, Public Regulations, are a set of rules that are used for non-company offenders. The initiative to educate Prometheus Security on outside regulations was ordered by upper management after several court disputes (mostly with T.A.F. & H.O.V.) penalized Prometheus for their brutal law enforcement tactics. In order to appease the Terran Alliance Courts, Prometheus tried adapting to other, more lenient law enforcement divisions in order to properly process those breaking laws in Prometheus territory. in spite of this, though the Public Regulations project was meant to help cultivate Prometheus Security, it instead acted as a way for the company to take a “hands off” approach with outsiders, tightening property security to strangers and petitioning outside policing units to handle non-company crimes. These approaches have earned Prometheus Security the nicknames, “Wash-Your-Hands-Of-It Guards” and more popularly, “N.O.P.’s (Not our Problem), by other policing units.

Yet another interesting detail associated with the Prometheus Security Division is their utilization of security-bots. The programmed machines make up nearly one-third of the force and are partnered up with nearly every field officer (though security-bots are not allowed to police on their own). Most robots are merely attached to security guards for physical backing, though their programming does allow the bots to conduct basic policing if necessary. The most popular of the models is the MOD-128, aka, the “Moderator”. These robots are constructed in a simple humanoid form, but armed with multiple stun and detaining weapons to help keep lawbreaker alive. Though many Prometheus employees tend not to trust Moderators due to the company’s spotted past with robotics, it doesn’t keep upper management from utilizing the automatons.

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Prometheus Security Division
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