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 Essentials of a Good Crew

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“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”
-Ryunosuke Satoro

Essentials of a Good Crew
What differentiates a good crew from a bad one? Is it team work? The ability to get the job done? A talented leader? Or is it all of the above? While some might argue the composition of a good crew, what’s certain is that it takes only the best to explore the most dangerous parts of the galaxies. Most space crews have an assortment of different specializations, but there are several positions that are tremendously important. Below are a list of the most common space crew positions.

The Captain (Commanding Officer), must be both brilliant and compelling. He must know when to be stern, encouraging and inspiring. A Captain should never give a command that he wouldn’t be willing to do himself. Most Captains are pilots of their ships, but not always. Some merely are organizers, leaving the challenge of space flight to their co-pilot. Captains are resourceful, adapting to new situations and leading his crew.

The Co-Pilot (1st Mate/1st Officer), is the support that keeps the Captain strong. He/she demonstrates the importance of a command chain by demonstrating orders to the fullest. The Co-Pilot also be a talented pilot, as there’ll be times when the Captain must attend to other matters. Many Co-Pilots are also knowledgeable about the way a ship works and can repair faulty parts of a ship in a moments notice. They may not always be the most scholarly, but have a sense of wisdom to them that even that Captain admires.

The Communications Officer (Protocol Personal/Chief Spokesperson) tends to be very cerebral. Communication Officers must not only know languages, but cultures, manners and traditions of different races. They must be very knowledgeable about history, politics and relationships. They must understand the rules of diplomacy and comprehend how to speak with certain individuals. Communication Officers also tend to take on a second responsibility that provides for the ship. Since most Communication Officers are very intelligent, they tend to also be Technical Support or Mechanical Engineers.

The Weapons Pilot (Battle Command/Gunner) is in charge of the main defenses of the ship. They must be marksman with ship weaponry and understand how to repair them in times of need. While most smaller ship weapon systems can be fired by the pilot/co-pilot, larger vessels tend to have a mass of defenses in order to protect the craft, requiring the need for a Gunner. Weapons Pilots also tend to know how to fly smaller transports located on the ship (single piloted fighters, mech-suits, etc), just incase there is a need for backup during cosmic clashes.

A Chief Physician (Medic/Doctor/Nurse) can be found on most ships. Since traveling can be very dangerous (exotic diseases, injuries, mental illness), a Chief Physician is usually required in order to keep the crew healthy. Most often, A Chief Physician will have their own lab or treatment room with some of the more essential tools used for patients. Chief Physicians also tend to take on other responsibilities in order to assist the crew during times of peril. Since they are very technically savvy, many also act as all-purpose engineers for the ship.

Security Personal (Ship Troops/Thugs) are important for many reasons. There are many dangers in the deep recesses of space, and sooner or later, it’s going to get ugly. Security Personal know how to defend the team not only against external threats, but also internal ones. They understand the importance of nonlethal force when restraining aggressive crew members, or vicious brutality when dealing with cruel enemies. Most Security Personal are either ex-military or have been highly trained in martial skills and disciplines.

There are many other important positions to an excellent crew, but their duties can usually be split up amongst the members listed above. Other sought after positions include…

  • •Chief Mechanic- In charge of fixing everything on the ship, but does not directly pilot the craft or its weapons.

    •Ship Counselor- Helps maintain a healthy mental state for all crew members

    •Navigator- Specializes in mapping and understanding the outlay of documented space while assisting in guiding the ship through unchartered territory

    •Astrophysicist- Understands the science and physics of how the universe works. While most computer programs can provide some knowledge, only an Astrophysicist has a complete understanding of both studied and fringe astronomy.

    •Helmsman- Can pilot the ship when a Captain must adhere to other duties and autopilot is not an option. While most Co-Pilots can cover this position, a Helmsman guarantees someone who can fly in case all other personal are needed elsewhere.

    •Entertainment Personal- Moral is very important in the recesses of space. An entertainer helps keep spirits high during long journeys and can be anything from a musician, masseuse or comedian.

    •Culinary Expert- A cook, chef or bartender can not only help keep crew members’ pallets happy, but can also ensure proper vitamins or diets are being utilized. Knowledgeable Culinary Experts will even cook foods that help crew members better deal with their environments (fatten them up in cold environments, etc.)

    •Custodians- Never underestimate the power of cleanliness. While most ships have self cleaning parts or sanitary droids to keep their ships orderly, only Custodians can get down in the dirtiest crevices to ensure a sterile environment. Most ships with Custodians often see far less illness or disease during journeys.
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Essentials of a Good Crew
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