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 The T.A.F. Psionic Inceptive Kinesis Ethology (P.I.K.E.)

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PostSubject: The T.A.F. Psionic Inceptive Kinesis Ethology (P.I.K.E.)    Sun Sep 16, 2012 8:57 am

The T.A.F. Psionic Inceptive Kinesis Ethology (P.I.K.E.)

The Psionic Inceptive Kinesis Ethology (P.I.K.E.) is a T.A.F. department dedicated to the study of Psionics and how it can better humanity. Scientists of P.I.K.E. analyze the cerebral capabilities of Humans, Ullitors and Solins (as well as why Naga are unable to employ such faculties) in order to help further develop their capabilities. P.I.K.E. started just after Hexisan officials introduced psionics to the Terran community. T.A.F. representatives wanted to understand how the outside races utilized their gifts and if it could be used by Terrans.

What P.I.K.E. found was that just like most living organisms, Terrans have the ability to manipulate matter through intuitive focus. So, with Terran abilities acknowledged, P.I.K.E. then began to develop a program that helped those who tested positive for psionics in honing their abilities. In exchange, these psions would use their faculties to assist the Terran Allied Forces further their agenda. This agreement helped make P.I.K.E. what it is today, the Milky Way Galaxy’s top psychic organization.

P.I.K.E. houses nearly a hundred psions, teaching them to use their powers in a productive manner. They have a state of the art facility on Earth’s moon which helps the psions develop their capabilities while keeping them safe from the public (and vise versa). While most psions power levels are hardly worth mention, a few members have gained such command over their abilities that even Hexisan psychics are showing interest. Meanwhile, both Prometheus Enterprises and the House of Veneration have begun developing their own psychic programs, but these departments aren’t nearly as abound as P.I.K.E. has become.
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PostSubject: Documented Psionic Powers   Thu Sep 20, 2012 4:23 pm

With the aid of Hexisan Top Minds, P.I.K.E. was able to document a lexicon of known as The Psionic Kinesis Catalog. This list consists of all abilities that are controlled by the mind aka “kinesis/kinetics”. The following is a list of all documented psionic kinesis.

• Aerokinesis...manipulate air
• Agrokinesis...manipulate the creation and growth of plants as well as manipulate wood
• Audiokinesis...manipulate and generate illusionary sound or create harmful, sonic speeds of sound  
• Clairvoyance- To see into the future or past
• Cryokinesis...freeze any physical, gaseous or liquid forms and manipulate ice or snow
• Cytokinesis...manipulate the user’s cells to grow new limbs, create natural weapons and shift appearance
• Electrokinesis...manipulate and generate electricity  
• Empathic- Detect and manipulate others’ emotions
• Energy Manipulation- The bending and usage of raw energy
• Erebokinesis...manipulate dark matter
• Ferrokinesis...manipulate metal alloys and electromagnetic waves
• Geokinesis...manipulate sand,soil and earth
• Gerontokinesis...manipulate the age of living organisms
• Gyrokinesis...manipulate gravity
• Hydrokinesis...manipulate and generate water
• Hypnokinesis...induce sleep, create illusions and dreams
• Necrokinesis...manipulate and revive the dead
• Pyrokinesis...manipulate and generate fire
• Serqekinesis ... manipulate acid
• Technokinesis...manipulate technology
• Telekinesis...move objects with your mind
• Typhokinesis...manipulate and generate smoke, smut and smog
• Vitakinesis...manipulate health as to heal, cure disease, and repair anatomies
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The T.A.F. Psionic Inceptive Kinesis Ethology (P.I.K.E.)
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