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 Ullitor History

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Never has a history been as quick and violent as of that of the Ullitors. The Ullitors were speculated to have grown out of a large, omnivore called the Gulcan, which out consumed most of the other mammals on its planet. Soon, the mighty Ullitors not only destroyed most other competitive life forms, but they had organized small, primitive tribes. These tribes based their territories on what they could keep, and tended to live in small glaciers due to the dangerous environment and constant raiding of other Ullitor tribes.
Ullitor History IceGiantGirl
However, nearly a hundred years before humans ever discovered them, the great Leader Comma’ Hotchi, called for a treaty amongst most tribes. The Ullitors began to finally work together, something they’d struggled to do for thousands of years beforehand. However, because Ullitors were so primal in nature still, constant bouts of power were always on display, and soon the tribes were at odds once more. To quench the demand for new leadership, Comma’ Hotchi (on his death bed) requested there be a month long competition of strength every two years in which the winner would become or remain the leader for another two seasons around the dull sun of Epsilon Eridani.

One hundred years would go by, and the Ullitors were once more at odds. Their Comma’ Hotchi games had grown politically corrupt, and soon the tribes of Epsilon Eridani B were ready to wage war once more. Regrettably, this was just around the time when human diplomats arrived onto the planet. While some Ullitors were willing to work with the Terran species, most were disgusted with their pink, little visitors and wanted nothing more than to scatter them back into the stars from which they came. One by one, the Ullitor tribes secretly united, readying to wage war against Terran forces.

Just ten miles from the Ullitor Capital, at a place called Skalla-Grim, the Ullitor species collectively attacked human researchers, destroying an entire compound of Terran scientists. They tore the visitors to pieces, using their corpses as grizzly public displays of dominance. In spite of this, what they had not factored into their equation was that human cultures not only outsized the Giants, but they also seriously outweighed them in warfare technologies. It wouldn’t be long before the humans returned with a vengeance.
Ullitor History UllitorWar
Armored men with vicious laser weapons, flying vehicles which could destroy Ullitors by the hundreds and biological warfare nearly wiped out half of the Ullitor race before they finally submitted. The Ullitor leadership which remained had learned the error in their ways, and in a ceremony that had been used for many ages, gave away their youngest children in order to regain the respect of their human rival tribe. Humans easily forgave their colossal rivals, taking in both their children and those willing into their communities to teach.

Surprisingly, once Ullitors admitted defeat, they were not only very willing to forget their past grudges, but adopt human culture. They learned to read, use math and memorize Terran sciences. Before long they were petitioning to join T.A.F. and Prometheus rankings, and joining their communities. It didn’t take long for humans to accept Ullitors into their society and soon the two races were inseparable. Ullitors were not only good for human military forces, but also as great laborers, athletes, explorers and astronauts. The Ullitor bravery, confidence and loyalty had earned them a place in the Milky Way social order.
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Ullitor History
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