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Santana "Rage-Shred" Heyward
People of Mention Conquistidor
Santana “Rage-Shred” Heyward is a Human pirate and crew member of the S.S. Angel Veronica. He is the 10th most wanted person on the top 100 list with a reward of  ₡20,000 if arrested or ₡5,000 for his death. Santana began his devious journey in Proteus, a mining moon of Neptune, where his abusive father raised Santana along with seven other sons and daughters. Santana grew up in the impoverished streets of his mining town for fifteen years before being detained for attempted murder of a school mate. He spent the next ten years in a Prometheus Maximum Security Detention Center until his release at age 25. From there, Santana convened with a few ex-cons he’d met in prison who were part of a pirate outfit along Protega. He initially joined the crew of the S.S. Splendid Peddler as an insignificant brigand, but once the ship was attacked by the S.S. Angel Veronica, Santana surrendered his rights to the conquering crew.

He was then assigned to help bully the corporate citizens of Protega, acting as muscle for any resident who refused to pay “Protection Fees”. It was here where he made his mark. Santana lead several assassinations on Prometheus Directors who refused to cooperate with the pirates, using his grizzly bladed bicep blades to carry out his orders.  Witnessing pirates decided to give Heyward the nickname “Rage-Shred” for his methods when disposing of his targets and his legend began to spread. Soon, Santana was upgraded to the head overseer of the pirates based in Protega. He helped establish several pirate hideouts and began working with Prometheus policing units to hunt down squealers. His violent temperament continued, and soon he had the attention of Captain Francisco "The Dapper" Vasquez.

Captain Vasquez made Santana the criminal sovereign of Protega and gave him honorary 2nd Mate ranking on the S.S. Angel Veronica. Though Santana spends most of his time on land, the promotion makes him the third most powerful pirate of the crew, just behind the Captain’s sister and 1st mate, Katrina Vasquez. He runs a tight outfit across the underworld of Protega, playing cat-and-mouse games with visiting authority while intimidating the locals. He’s ruthless, bloodthirsty and tends to be stimulated by acts of cruelty. Prometheus counselors have profiled Santana as clinically depressed with bouts of manic psychosis.

1st Mate Claude Basile (DECEASED)
People of Mention French1stmate
Claude Basile is the 1st mate of the False Prophet, head of the “Nez en Poudre” smuggling gang and lover of Princess Jezebel Louise Therese Victoria, Captain of their ship. Claude helped seize the ship from a nasty T.A.F. Ship Commander named Jean Decalb, and together with his mutinous crew, headed for the outer rim of the galaxy. They began raiding and smuggling for profit, until surprisingly, they were visited by a parlaying Princess Jezebel Louise Thérèse Victoria of France. The Princess offered her large savings in return for membership as part of the crew. At first, the crew was apprehensive, but needing capital, they eventually took her in as one of their own. What they would find is that Princess Jezebel would become one of the most vicious, blood thirsty pirates on the ship.

She constantly coaxed the crew into attacking risky cargo vessels, raid small mining outfits and put their lives at risk. Princess Jezebel would not due so without first putting herself in danger however, and could be found leading charges against their targets on numerous occasions. Soon, because of her education and etiquette training, Claude handed over the ship to his Princess, but not before being wooed by her affection. The two began their tryst, but did not hide it from their crew. While some became a big agitated, the Nez en Poudre gang for the most part accepted the affair, supporting them as their affectionate leaders.

1st Mate Claude Basile is an excellent gunfighter. He’s one of the quickest hands on the False Prophet and has a handful of victims he’s outdueled. He’s been accused of being a bit laze faire, but is otherwise a good leader. He has very good fight-or-flight instincts and knows when to retreat. He also has quite a few connections with the Protega pirates and has met with Captain Francisco "The Dapper" Vasquez on numerous occasions. While the two are completely different personalities, their respect for one another is enough to sustain their friendship.

Javaro "The Ressurected" Vandou (DECEASED)
People of Mention WantedPirate_zps670365ad
Pirating is no easy business. Most space bandits never quite make it off the ground, falling into the hands of justice before they could ever build their criminal empire. For Javoro Vandou, being dealt a bad hand never stopped him from pursuing a life of freedom, theft, and violence that comes with buccaneering. Believed to be born on the Prometheus owned, but Pirate ruled planet of Protega, Javaro was nothing more than a poor boy wandering with other street children in order to survive. He’d eventually be drafted by Captain Francisco Vasquez’s recruiters (as most street urchins were) and toured as a conquistador on the infamous S.S. Angel Veronica.

For fifteen years he pillaged, raped, and murdered with his fellow bandits. He learned how to be useful with a blade and clever with his mind, earning position as first-swordsman. But when a jealous rival pirate decided he wanted to duel Javaro for his prized position, Vandou played dirty. Slipping into his competitor’s room the night before the duel, he carved a smile across his enemy’s neck, ending him before the two could cross steel. While some applauded Javaro for his boldness, by the rules established through Captain Vasquez, Vandou was in direct violation of betrayal and ordered to be hung. Javaro’s last words before he hung from the gallows…”This isn’t the end.”And the end it wasn’t.

The frayed steel cable they’d tried to hang Javoro from couldn’t hold, and soon the choking pirate found himself regaining consciousness on the floors below where he was suspended. While some argued that Javaro should just be hung again, most of the superstitious space crew demanded that he be allowed to live instead, as to not offend fate. So, in order to keep the peace, Javaro was marooned on a small lifeless moon near Hades where he was expected to never be heard from again. In spite of this, Javaro broke free from his death sentence, murdering a group of cargo deliverymen who were forced to land on the vacant moon due to malfunctions with their ship. After patching up the vessel, Vandou took back to space and began recruiting for his own personal band of brigands.

He now goes back and forth between Protega, Hades, and Phaya, with his small crew of mostly Naga dubbed the “Brittle Noose” Raiders. While their exploits are mostly disastrous, dripping in unplanned killings and reckless destruction, they have managed to steal hundreds-of-thousands of capital through piracy. They specialize in ransacking ships, disabling the vehicles’ communications before any distress signals can be sent. Javaro is also a big seller of narcotics, finding combat enhancing ingredients from an unknown contact in the Phaya system and selling them to the black markets of Hates.

1st Mate, Kringzet "Mad Dog" ZuTarr (DECEASED)
People of Mention Balidar
Kringzet “Mad Dog” ZuTarr is the muscle behind Captain Sharp and the Edna's Dishonor ship. A native of Krilon, the Balidar’s home planet, Kringzet began working as a cropper for the Krilon public farm systems. However, when Kringzet found that the crops he was farming were expensive pharmaceutical curatives, ZuTarr began to smuggle out the cash crop and sell it illegally. It wouldn’t be long before Kringzet was caught and after serving years as a military servant to pay for his crimes, was finally released of service.

ZuTarr then enlisted in the Balidar Protective Guard, a branch dedicated to planetary protection. With recommendation from his former military master, ZuTarr was able to make it into their foot patrol unit, but after only six months was kicked out due to insubordination. He left for the Milky Way after a brief confinement in the military stockades, feeling that the Hexisan Galaxy had little more to offer him. Soon, Kringzet was offered work as a private guard for a rich merchant known for his lack of respect for any working under him. Kringzet had little choice, but to endure his new employers belittling attitude as the Balidar felt trapped in his current circumstances.

However, late in the trade season while accompanying his boss on an extended trip, Kringzet was surprised to find that he was in the middle of a pirate raid. A ship called Edna’s Revenge had assaulted Kringzet’s merchant vessel and boarded it for battle. ZuTarr fought off many of the pirates, but found himself outnumbered. In an act of both defiance to his uncouth employer and desperation to survive, the Balidar warrior handed over his master, giving the rich salesman over in return for safe passage. The Captain of the pirate crew, Jonathan Sharp, countered with a proposal for Kringzet to join the crew. ZuTarr, a natural firebrand himself, took the offer and helped the crew ransom the merchant for top dollar.

Kringzet would soon earn the respect of not only his crew because of his bravery, but his Captain. Soon the two began to build a friendship and Kringzet earned a place as the 1st mate of Edna’s Dishonor. The Terran crew began to call him “Mad Dog” for his furious fighting style in combat, though ZuTarr personally fights the nickname a bit degrading (being compared to an Earth dog). The Balidar uses his metallic implanted arms to deliver devastating blows to opponents and deflect melee weapons. The two augmentations are installed with hydraulic thrust mechanisms that make Kringzet’s blows that much more overwhelming.

1st Mate, Golicon: (DECEASED)
People of Mention UllitorFirstMate
1st Mate Golicon is an Ullitor pugilist and second in charge of the Aifor (ie-forr), a pirate ship that follows a pseudo-Viking theme. Golicon grew up on Epsilon Eridani B, in a reservation set for Ullitor natives who refused to be part of the Terran Alliance. His father was a drug abusing alcoholic and his mother was handicapped. This left very little for Golicon to do, but partake in the trouble with other neighborhood boys. Together the Ullitor pack dug themselves into deep legal holes and soon Golicon was serving as a T.A.F. public laborer to pay the cost for his crimes.

Golicon was not the most fit of Ullitors, but always had a set of heavy fists. He outfought most of his Ullitor tribesmen and never refused a challenge. This served him well as time went on because the T.A.F. in charge of his punishment used the poor soul as entertainment against their toughest fighters. Golicon didn’t enjoy the bouts day-in-day-out, but it helped keep his captors in good spirits, which in turn ,changed how they treated him. Unfortunately, the good times wouldn’t last long as Golicon began to get harassed by one of the more boastful guards. The pestering became too much, and one day, Golicon turned on the teasing guard, gouging the watchman’s eyes out with his thumbs before killing him. This did not bode well for the Ullitor, who was imprisoned in a maximum security prison within the planet of Hector 1.

Luckily, the planet was on the boarders of a well known pirate route, and during a raid a short time later, Golicon was set free because of a power outage. He and many other prisoners escaped into the wilds of Hector 1 until they were found by their liberators, a fleet of pirate ships that offered the prisoners a chance to escape as crew members. Golicon happily took the offer and soon was part of the Aifor. He respected the viciousness and bloodlust of the crew which reminded him of his tribesmen back home. Golicon flourished as a fighter, and because of his sheer vigor, was quickly offered a spot as 1st mate by Captain Bothvar Haklang. While some criticized that Golicon was not smart enough to be 1st mate, the Captain argued that anyone who wanted to challenge the Ullitor in combat was able to due so in order to take his place.

Golicon is not only the Captain’s enforcer, but entertainment on certain nights. The colossal 1st Mate fights crew members and prisoners alike for the sake of crew moral. He understands that his position as 1st mate is more of a symbol to showoff the might of the bandit gang. He doesn’t seem to mind though, as he’s treated with respect, a happening that most times in his life has never occurs.

UPDATE: Golicon was killed in battle during the unsuccessful raid of Prometheus Space Station 81c in the Crux-Scutum arm.

Rilara Delko
People of Mention DragonKnight8
Rilara Delko, a.k.a. “Delko the Hyena”, is the personal body guard of Captain Francisco "The Dapper" Vasquez. She was purchased as a ship slave by Captain Francisco when she was just a little girl, but because of her viciousness, she’d later become his protector. It began after several years of rape from a lowly crew member who not only sexually abused the girl, but tortured her as well. Fed up with the molester’s acts, Rilara devised a plan to ambush him, using nothing more than her teeth and nails to rip out the pirate’s throat.

Confident that she’d be executed for her actions, Rilara was surprised to find out that she’d been pardoned by the Captain as a reward for her bravery. She’d even been released of her duties as a slave and offered a spot on the S.S. Angel Veronica as a crew member. Rilara was delighted, but little did the quiet sixteen year old realize that she was being manipulated by the Captain in order to gain her trust. Rilara developed a ferocious reputation after several more men in the next coming years tried to taunt her, paying with their teeth, bones and blood. Some say it seemed that the girl changed into a feral beast when in a scuffle, earning her the nickname, “Delko the Hyena”.

Meanwhile, Captain Francisco finally found a reason to promote the girl, using her reputation as an excuse to make her his personal bodyguard. His motives were simple. Captain Vasquez was not only paranoid, but perverted, and preferred young women for company. Rilara was thrilled, and soon took on the roll as the Captain’s first line of defense. Soon, the Captain showered the girl with not only rewards for her service, but a pair of mechanical claws that he claimed, “Are a gift for the girl who was ferocious enough to use them”. While no one would be brave enough to admit it, most knew that the position, presents and praise came with more than just a need for a bodyguard. Rilara Delko was no longer a slave to the ship, but instead, she’d been tricked into becoming a servant for her Captain’s affection, gladly giving up her life in order to protect him.

1st Mate Katrina Vasquez
People of Mention DragonKnight6
1st mate, Katrina Vasquez is the alleged sister of Captain Francisco "The Dapper" Vasquez, leader of the S.S. Angel Veronica. It is claimed that Katrina was found on the planet Protega many years after her and her brother’s separation, when pirate forces began raiding the corporate world. However, it’s speculated that the two’s relationship is more than just sibling related and the family tie is but a sham.

It began when the “Conquistador” pirates first began raiding Protega, dispersing from their hiding spot within the Pirate’s Asteroid Belt in order to pillage Prometheus cities. Captain Francisco was leading a personal raid of about five-hundred of his men when he came across the beautiful Katrina. The two seemed to instantly recognize one another and Katrina was brought upon the ship. What is fact from that point is uncertain, as the Captain comes down aggressively on those who ask too many questions.

It’s assumed that Katrina Vasquez is actually just a young, dark lovely citizen from Protega, who because of her own desires, decided to become Francisco’s lover, joining the Angel Veronica crew. It’s also believed that the two spun up a tale of siblinghood in order to avoid certain political complications. Francisco, already technically engaged to an affluent Prometheus chairwoman for the sake of political affairs, could not publicly take on a lover without serious consequences. He also needed to avoid angering his already “secret mistress” Rilara Delko, a vicious personal body guard who’d he’d taken in his bed several years ago.

As for Katrina, it’s said that her lust for power has motivated her to collaborate with the Captain and his story. Once just a simple corporate citizen, Katrina now has an opportunity to make something of herself, needing only her ruthless drive to move up within one of the most powerful pirate outfits in the Milky Way. It’s assumed that she waits patiently for Captain Francisco to make one too many mistakes, a consequence that would allow her to inherit the ship. Since she’s already earned the position as 1st mate, it’s assumed she speculates that it’s only a matter of time before she is at the helm of the S.S. Angel Veronica.

Captain Jonathan Sharp
People of Mention Capitan
Jonathan Sharp was born in London, UK, Earth, to a single mother and an unknown father. When Sharp was seven, his mother was killed in the Boxton Riots, leaving him an orphan. With no other known relatives to claim him, Sharp was deposited in Jem Hocking's foundling home at Brewhouse Lane, Wapping, where he spent his days picking his assigned quota in the agriculture fields. He was malnourished and regularly beaten, resulting in his many minor ailments. Because of this, he eventually sold to a nuclear scientist, training as an 'apprentice' at the age of 12. Fearing the high mortality rate, Sharp eventually fled to the slums, and was taken in by prostitute (and later bar-owner) named Catherine Ester. He stayed under Catherine’s protection for three years, learning various forms of thievery.

However, after killing a gang leader during a fight, Sharp once again was on the run, escaping from London to Yorkshire at the age of fifteen. There, he became the manservant of an aristocratic hunter named Cedric Deanery IV. His duties consisted of rushing hunted game after his master shot it, ensuring that the creature did not suffer from any inaccurate fire. It was here when Sharp was presented with his first sidearm, and when he first learned that he had a natural knack for using ranged weapons. Unfortunately, within six months of his arrival in Yorkshire, Sharpe killed a second man, the landlord during a fight over a local girl.

To avoid arrest, Sharp took the "King's shilling” clause, joining the T.A.F. Infantry and clearing his past record. His regiment (popularly known as "The Dead Orphans", due to the overwhelming amount of waifs and strays), was first sent to the border of Hates, where Sharp fought in his first battle at the mining colony of Abraham 9. There he helped put down a group of protesting miners, who with the help of some local pirates, violently rebelled. The next year, he and his regiment were posted on a Space Force ship patrolling the Milky Way trade routes. It’s here where he decided to request a transfer in order to begin a career as a ship captain. After the papers went through, Sharp became a crew member for a battle vessel, the S.S. Meteor Hawk. There he served for nearly ten more years.

Sharp clawed his way to the rank of Commodore, but also made many enemies during this time because of his code of honor. He began to run into political problems after a group of commanding officers tried to conspire against him. Learning of their plot, Sharp, who was already jaded by the T.A.F. affairs of state, used his pull with the crew and whipped them into a mutinous stir, The squadron took over the S.S. Meteor Hawk, renaming it “Edna's Dishonor”. Then, with the help of their treasonable Captain, Edna’s Dishonor visited several T.A.F. outposts filled with fed up troops and recruited them for their space brigand crew.

Sharp now leads his team of mutineers, attacking trade routes as he sees fit. While he does maintain a code of ethics, sparing the lives of and releasing prisoners, he is by no means a Saint. He’s destroyed several T.A.F. and Prometheus ships, stolen thousands in capital and killed a fair share of those brave enough to challenge his draw speed. He favors direct battle, engaging in trained battle tactics and has several close calls. Most of the crew worries, for Sharp has not kept it secret that he has foreseen his doom. However, even with the foreboding prediction hanging over him, he never refuses a challenge, outdueling his foes with the infamous Captain’s Doom”, a heavy plasma pistol he’s had modified several times.

People of Mention Pist_zps5d2db4f7
TYPE: Modified Heavy Plasma Pistol SCALE: Character COST: N/A DAMAGE: 7D+1 AMMO: 35 SHORT: 15 MEDIUM (+5): 30 LONG (+10): 60 (Special: +2 for any quick draw action tests)

“Captain’s Doom” is the legendary modified heavy plasma pistol of Captain Sharp. The titanium alloy barrel is draped in a cedar grip-frame that gives the weapon a shine of elegance. Along with an extended battery pack for additional shots, elongated chassis for added range, and high grade ionized gas filters for extra kick, Captain’s Doom is aerodynamically structured so that its user can draw it more quickly. Under the use of Captain Sharp, Captain’s Doom has claimed the lives of over fifteen dueling challengers, among an assortment of other enemies in battle. Captain Sharp has ordered that if anyone is ever fast enough to get the draw on, and defeat him in a contest, they will inherit his weapon. However, this apparently gallant declaration is more of a dare than a reward, as he is yet to be beaten.

Princess Jezebel Louise Theresa Victoria (DECEASED)
People of Mention Pirates2
Princess Jezebel Louise Therese Victoria is the Captain of the False Prophet. Born of affluent royal blood, she sat under King Felipe for sixteen years, secluded in her French manor with only tutors and bodyguards as company. Her mother died when Jezebel was only six, and with no brothers or sisters, her overprotective father put away his daughter for safekeeping. However, this lifestyle did not sit well for the young girl, and at sixteen, she decided that she’d escape.

Jezebel had always romanticized about Space Pirates, who unlike her, basked in their freedom. So, along with her manservant, Jezebel commandeered a T.A.F. Royal transport, and made her way to the Pirate fringes. It didn’t take long before the crew of the False Prophet discovered her. Shocked at who she was (as the “Nez en Poudre” Gang were mostly French), the crew decided that they would hold her for a very large ransom. However, it wasn’t long before the young girl had earned the affections of the then Captain, Claude Basile, and soon, all talks of her release were no longer mentioned.

With a bit of hesitation from the crew, Captain Basile allowed the girl to join in their many raids. She proved to be not only fearless, but bloodthirsty. Before long, Princess Jezebel was considered one of the “Nez en Poudre”, and her reign as Captain would begin. The crew had known for sometime that the Princess was well educated and schooled in the principals of diplomacy. With her knowledge, the False Prophet was able to use many border regulations, political disputes and planetary intelligence to their advantage. So, as a gift to the Princess on her eighteenth birthday, Jezebel was given the rites as Captain by her lover and crew.

The False Prophet now gladly serves under their leader. She continues to use her familiarity with the T.A.F., Prometheus and House of Veneration to her advantage, attacking vulnerable supply lines while making political pacts with corrupt Terran officials. She still has a torrent affair going on with her 1st mate, Claude Basile, and the two have even spoke of marriage. Meanwhile, her father, who is a powerful philanthropist as well as T.A.F. diplomat, has refused to believe that his daughter is willingly part of the pirate crew and has offered a reward for anyone willing to bring her back to Earth. He also has used his status to swell the bounty for the False Prophet crew’s demise (especially Claude Basile), making the False Prophet one of the most wanted pirate crews by bounty hunters.

Captain Francisco "The Dapper" Vasquez
People of Mention DragonKnight7
Captain Francisco "The Dapper" Vasquez is the leader of the S.S. Angel Veronica. He is one of the most powerful pirate captains as far as influence, ruling not only his sizable crew, but the underworld of Protega. While much of Francisco’s past is uncertain, there are a few details that can be verified through public documentation. Captain Vasquez was born in the slums of Hates. Along with his seven brothers, Vasquez ruled the streets as an urchin, stealing and murdering in order to feed his family. Soon, the Vazquez family earned themselves a menacing reputation and the law was looking to bring down the deviants.

It didn’t take long for the Vasquez brothers to be captured and incarcerated. They spent years living in a maximum security prison, ruling inside its walls much as they had done on the streets. However, after years of ruling with an iron fist, the inmates eventually became fed up and a coup was on the horizons. All six of the future Captain’s brothers were violently murdered, and Francisco was hospitalized during an unsuccessful assassination attempt. Officials felt it would be best to transfer Vasquez to a new prison, where he’d spend the next ten years rebuilding his criminal syndicate. He ran a tight criminal ring, using guards and people from the outside to smuggle narcotics into the penitentiary. For an entire decade, Vasquez made thousands until papers came in that ordered the detention center he called home to be demolished. This was when Francisco finally became Captain.

Along with several guards and his posse of inmates, Francisco took over the S.S. Angel Veronica, a personal transport used to transfer the leagues of prisoners to their new destination. After their hostile takeover, the group of outlaws offered membership to anyone who wished to join them while executing those who refused. Before long, Captain Vasquez was not only in charge one of the largest pirate vessels in the Milky Way galaxy, but also one of the most massive crews. He used his criminal contacts to navigate his way to pirate territories, where he gave up a few hundred of his men in order to purchase sanctuary. For months he’d raid small space routes, using the profits to both better his ship and strengthen his men. Once Vasquez felt that everything was in place, he ordered his crew to follow through with one of the most audacious plans yet, attack the massive planet of Protega.

Raiding several sizable towns, Vasquez was able to make a sizable profit while evading Prometheus Enterprises patrols who searched for them. Using the Pirate Meteor Belt, Captain Vasquez continually repeated his strategy, waiting for corporate defense units to move out before invading once again. Before long, the people of Protega had given up on their corporate protectors and bartered several deals with Captain Vasquez. With Protega representatives allowing the pirates to run illegal business in their cities, Francisco was now not only powerful, but wealthy beyond belief. He used his plentiful capital to start a fleet and make those who served under him the most authoritative pirates in the Milky Way. To this day, Captain Francisco is the most wanted pirate in the galaxy. He is not the most physically strapping nor best trained. Instead, he used his ability to read others and ruthless tactics to outthink his opponents. Which means anyone who is trying to claim the bounty on Captain Vasquez’s head needs to understand that failure means worse things than death.

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Zholoro "King" Mandegor
People of Mention BUBBLEHOUSE3_zpsaf6d926b
Zholoro "King" Mandegor is most well known for being the head of the Marauder Races, one of the biggest annual entertainment venues in Hades. When not running the races, Mandegor is also a ruthless criminal outfit head as well as a Dovin representative. Mandegor bullied his way in and is looked upon by the other aristocratic reps as a nuisance, though they resist challenging the King due to his power.

Mandegor takes residence in his Aerial Dome, which when not hovering over Hermes for the main event, is parked within Dovin's city walls. This massive structure is as large as most sporting arenas, but twice as technically advanced. This makes meeting with Mandegor not only intimidating, but dangerous, as he is protected by hundreds of Ullitor thugs, security robots, and protective defenses. Recent arms dealings with Hades and Protega groups have earned Mandegor millions in capital, but also raised tensions between his organization and the Komodo syndicate, as well as the other aristocrats of Dovin.
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Hector “Marqués” De La Cruz
People of Mention WhiteSpaniard_zps5de8b6f4
Hector De La Cruz is a human male from Protega who was born a slave, but quickly earned his way into the higher ranks of the pirate navy through his bravery in battle. It started during the Conquistador Invasion against what was then Prometheus owned Protega. His mother and father were humble Prometheus citizens, forced to give up their baby son during one of the many pirate “tax raids”. Hector spent his childhood raised on ships by slave-moms, learning the ins-and-outs of lowly servitude. As a teenager, he was given the job of line cook, an occupation he deeply despised.

In an act of desperation, Hector volunteered as a “pit gearman”, one who repairs the live engines of fighter ships during naval raids. The job was very dangerous, as ships would come crash landing into dock bays so that pit gearmen could fix them. Many of Hector’s friends were either injured or killed. However, Hector proved to be extremely efficient at his job, and during his side time, he trained with one of his pirate superiors.

Then, during a final raid of Protega, Captain Vasquez, King of the Pirates, ordered all able bodies to be put behind a fighter. Hector was given a hornet class ship that was equipped with nothing more than a single laser cannon. Along with dozens of his comrades, he fought through Prometheus defenses, crippling several artillery stations. By the end of the invasion, Vasquez had managed to destroy more enemies than several of his most seasoned squad leaders.

While many criticized that Hector had simply been lucky, they were forced to give him a permanent position as a fighter pilot. As time went on, De La Cruz proved that not only was he not a fluke, but that he had an understanding for small ship tactics that most veterans couldn’t understand. By his twenty-fifth birthday, De La Cruz had racked up one-hundred enemy kills, earning him a gifted strike fighter from Captain Vasquez nicknamed “Ciento” (meaning One-hundred).

Now, Hector is not only one of the most recognized Protega pirates, but one of the deadliest. He has earned the nickname “ Marqués” (royal Spanish ruler) for his many exploits within his fifteen years of service. Local pirates can easily recognize De La Cruz by his white flight suit and matching ship. His vehicle is armed with some of the most advanced strike fighter equipment, giving him an array of options to work with. Some conquistadors say that if the Marqués is piloting Ciento into a frey, the battle can not be lost.

People of Mention WhiteShip_zps73fc661c
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People of Mention
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