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 Prometheus Star Defense

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PostSubject: Prometheus Star Defense   Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:19 pm

Prometheus Star Defense

Prometheus Star Defense is the corporation’s most recognized armed force. Once the Solar War ended and the Terran Alliance formed, all three parties agreed to focus on exploring the Milky Way. Prometheus took it upon themselves to aggressively develop their space discovery office. They started to expand and soon had some of the most state of the art long range ships in the galaxy.

In spite of this, pirates in the Milky Way were already becoming a problem and the company had to make sure they could protect their assets. So they expanded on their military needs, mirroring the T.A.F.’s Star Force. After ten months, Prometheus had nearly ten-thousand fighters and battle ships in space. They would establish the Prometheus Star Defense department, an investment that would pay off in dividends almost immediately.

Prometheus Enterprises began exploring the Kaynax System, a region that, unbeknown to them, was where pirates had made their home. The two forces clashed and after a half dozen battles, only Prometheus stood. Their all new department had chased away the cosmic buccaneers and ensured employees that the corporation did not have to depend on T.A.F. for military support. This new, exciting energy would thrust Prometheus into aggressively mapping out the rest of the Milky Way and gaining fame as the map masters of the Terran Alliance.

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Prometheus Star Defense
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