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 Knights of the Dragon

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Organization: Knights of the Dragon
Organization Type: Psionic Order
Planet of Origin: None
Other Places of Importance: The Moon of Dalirath (Doll-er-wrath)
Knights of the Dragon Dpend
The Knights of the Dragon are a psionic order who fashion their ideals and likeness according to their leader, Starcaller. Starcaller is an Ophidian, a massive space dwelling creature thought to have been long extinct. Those who have met the ancient beast say that he is a peaceable creature, though unfortunately his past has been anything but. He’s had to defend himself from the prejudice of other beings for centuries, and sometimes teach those who refuse tolerance, the meaning of retaliation.

Ophidians are highly intellectual creatures that strongly resembles Earth’s mythical monster, the Dragon. They can live for thousands of years, surviving in space’s atmosphere through inherit abilities and psionic. Most are very amiable (unless provoked) and are often called space’s gentle giants. They have durable scales, strapping wings with powerful pinchers, two clawed legs and two clawed arms. Their sharp teeth, appendage-like tails and spiked backs often give them a menacing reputation, but in fact, Ophidians do not eat any meat, bur rather the bacteria found in floating rocks and meteors.

Starcaller’s personal history is an ambiguous one. It began when he migrated from some unknown galaxy to the Hexisan. Although he’s never affirmed exactly which galaxy is his home, scholars presume it would most likely have been Andromeda. How he would have made it to Hexisan is still a mystery, as to get there would have taken millions of light years through deep space.  Those who know him best though, claim that the giant did not make the travel by determination and time, but due to a group of overzealous explorers.
Knights of the Dragon DK4
Nearly two-hundred years ago, a pack of confident Novacons began exploring the recesses of neighboring galaxies in search of rare gems, exotic aliens and extraordinary artifacts. They were just about to return to Hexisan when they encountered the affable beast. Starcaller claims to have tried to introduce himself, but the Novacons, who were known for their violent streak, instead attacked the dragon in an attempt to claim his hide. Fortunately, Starcaller was an elder Ophidian, and had learned how to properly defend himself. After assaulting the ship, Starcaller forced his way inside where he convinced the crew to pacify their aggression. However, the actions of one anxious pilot caused the entire ship to blast into intergalactic-drive, sealing the band’s fate.

The wounded ship could not sustain the Novacons while in hyperspace, and they expired due to atmospheric pressure. Deepwing on the other hand, could naturally endure the dangers of the cosmos, and safely made the journey to Hexisan. Lost, the Ophidian attempted to find help, using his psionic abilities to guide him to intelligent creatures. His trek though, would prove just as faulty as his last encounter, as Balidar patrols came across the beast and attacked him. Severely wounded, Starcaller escaped his assailants and retreated to a vacant, nearby meteor. It took weeks to recover, but the beast finally managed to heal.
Knights of the Dragon DragonKnight3
Meanwhile, those few individuals across the galaxy who were psionicly gifted received Starcaller’s telepathic distress signal. The Ophidian had sent out this message while trying to nurse himself back to health, calling forth for aid from any altruistic beings. A few dozen Altarians, Novacons, Balidar and Elashani heeded the call, coming to Deepwing’s aid. With their help, he was able to recover and hide himself from Hexisan armed forces. As thanks, Starcaller taught his rescuers some of the more unknown methods of psionics. This tutelage sparked the beginning of the Knights of the Dragon.
Knights of the Dragon DK2
For the first few decades, his disciples hid the creature, petitioning to the Hexisan Council to allow the Ophidian to live in peace. Once the order had passed, and attacking the beast became illegal, the followers of Deepwing went public with their institution. Though Deepwing tried to stay out of the lime light, his supporters did not, fundraising in order to purchase a habitat for their leader to live in. For many years, those who followed the ancient animal were looked at as peculiar and cultish. However, once Humans arrived, that would all change.

Humans, whose revered folklore involved a monster called the dragon, honored the make-believe creature for its might and majesty. Once they learned of Starcaller, who strongly resembled their dragons, they flocked to him. They donated sizable amounts of funds in order to speak with the creature and helped attain a moon for him to dwell in. Those Humans, whom Deepwing accepted to psionicly train, organized an order in his name, basing a moral code on his teachings. They also armed themselves with weaponry, protective vestments and vehicles that mimicked the Ophidian’s visage, swearing to use it only to defend his principles.
Knights of the Dragon DK3
Starcaller does not refuse his cohorts, instead using them to constructively help the universe. While he believes he’s one of the last Ophidians in existence, he does not completely dismiss the fact that there may be others out there. He does warn however that there are a few Ophidians out there who are not compassionate, and advises those wishing to find more of his kind to tread with caution. In the interim, he and his small psionic order have quested to defend the Hexisan galaxy from its many dangers, including natural hazards, malevolent creatures and unknown outside dangers.

While most factions see the Knights of the Dragon as harmless, the House of Veneration denounces worship of the dragon, feeling it to be a direct insult on a one-true-maker. Because they too have an order of chivalry, the H.O.V. has recently publicly harassed the Knights of the Dragon, attempting to sway those who might be interested in following a fairy tale creature into keeping the course and staying with their church.
Knights of the Dragon DK
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Knights of the Dragon
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