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 Hexisan Union Description

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PostSubject: Hexisan Union Description   Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:43 pm

Organization: Hexisan Union
Organization Type: Galactic Government
Planet of Origin: Coretarra
Other Places of Importance: The entire Hexisan Galaxy and Milky Way Galaxy

The Hexisan Union unofficially began when warring Altarian and Novacon forces ended a 200 year conflict. The Novacons had been forced to work under the Altarians for 100 years in order to absolve their offenses as part of a treaty. This obligatory partnership bloomed into a solidarity that would help preserve the Hexisan Galaxy for years to come. Later, as the pair of races came across other species of alien, a need for an official partnership was in need. The Union is currently made up of nine races, the Altarians, Novacons, Balidar, Elashani, Rasari, Humans, Ullitors, Solins and Naga. Each race provides some sort of specialty to the Union, from psychic abilities to technical knowhow.

While Humans , Ullitors, Solins and Naga are technically under Hexisan Union regulations, they’ve been allowed to keep a sub-union called the Terran Alliance for all inhabitants of the Milky Way. This sub-union’s actions however must never supersede the Hexisan’s agenda, as written by the two sides during the initial negotiations. Hexisan objectives tend to be geared towards preserving their territory while helping its people prosper. They make all of their decisions carefully, and are directed by a political body known as the Council. Each race provides a small number of representatives based off how long they’ve been with the Union. These members vote on pressing matters including hostile factions, resource allotment and future ambitions. The current representative count is as follows…

Altarians- 4 Members (The Elders)
Novacons-4 Members
Balidar- 3 Members (The Pack)
Elashani-2 Members
Rasari-2 Member
Humans- 1 Member (The Prime Minister)
Ullitors-1 Member
Solins-1 Member
Naga-1 Member

The count must always be uneven as to avoid a draw. Each member can be voted out by its people in an election or by other members of the Council. There is no time limit to how long one can remain on the board, but each race except the Altarians and Novacons, hold a ballot vote every 4-9 years. Currently, the Hexisan Union’s biggest debates encompasses around exploring nearby galaxies and shaping a capital for the Hexisan Union administration.
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Hexisan Union Description
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