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 Terran Pirate Description

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Organization: Terran Pirates
Organization Type: Bands of Outlaws
Planet of Origin: Earth's Solar System
Other Places of Importance: Pirate's Meteor Belt
Terran Pirate Description Pirates
The Terran Pirates are probably the most ruthless, cutthroat outfit in the Milky Way and Hexisan galaxies. Born from veterans of the Solar War who no longer had work after the conflict ended, the Terran Pirates have spent the remainder of the last three centuries raiding, commandeering, and murdering anyone foolish enough to enter deep space. They’ve made trillions of capital stealing shipments, holding officials for ransom and taking cuts from corrupt governments. They are, by far, the largest problem in the Milky Way galaxy, costing the Terran Alliance trillions in anti-brigand programs. As much as they try, the Terran Alliance has been unable to stop space bandits from striking, causing space travelers to cringe in fear.

However, many Terran Pirates feel that they’re not merciless marauders. Instead, they look at themselves as freedom fighters, bending the rules in order to steer away from institutions who wish to shackle them down with laws. These romantic ideals have caught the attention of many amorous individuals who themselves feel oppressed by the galactic powers. The most famous of these was Princess Jezebel Louise Thérèse Victoria of the Terran Allied Forces. The young French princess escaped with her servants in search of joining the pirates and is said to be happily married to one of the bandits and living along the asteroid belt near Protega. This, and many other publicized fairy tales, have made it hard for law enforcement to properly administer justice without hearing outcries from the galactic community.

Nevertheless, the war wages on. Whether passionate buccaneers or homicidal thieves, the Terran Alliance remains blind whenever hunting pirates, even offering rewards to those who can bring back their leaders dead or alive. A list of the one hundred most wanted pirates is issued every quarter, along with the reward that comes with their demise. This publishing has created a stir in the martial community, escalating the bounty hunter community size to an all time high. Yet, even with governments and bounty hunters on their tails, the pirates continue to cause chaos, hovering around the outskirts of the galaxies in search of their next victims.
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Terran Pirate Description
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