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 Prometheus Enterprises Description

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PostSubject: Prometheus Enterprises Description   Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:19 pm

Organization: Prometheus Enterprises
Organization Type: Corporation
Planet of Origin: Earth
Other Places of Importance: Mars (Iron-Oxide mining investments), Moons of Jupiter (own mining colonies and large telescope at location), Moons of Neptune: (future urbanization projects), Moon of Saturn: (Mining Moons), Protega (farthest planet in the Milky Way owned by the company)

Prometheus Enterprises is the largest corporation in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is made up of hundreds of smaller corporations who merged during the great Solar War. Prometheus Enterprises doesn’t see itself as a government, even though it is responsible for over 30 billion lives. Instead, it operates as a business, running people like assets and managing them accordingly. Though they’re often criticized for their lack of principles, Prometheus Enterprises is still the 3rd most populated faction within the Terran Allied Forces, 2nd most expansive, and by far, the wealthiest.

Prometheus has had several dark moments in the past that have overshadowed their many achievements such as the formation of off-planet mining, android development and mapping the entire Milky Way Galaxy. Nonetheless, people will always remember Prometheus for their scandal with Naga, the Android Insurgence, and the meltdown of Nuclear Reactor 13 on Mars. These incidents have forced Prometheus to be more passive in the eyes of the public, relying on their many enterprises to get them through the years while waiting for society to forget their past.

Prometheus owns the rites to multiple planets and moons, but still keeps half of all assets tied up in their mobile properties. Thousands of vessels house countless employees, able to transport them to new prospective sites (mining, construction, etc.) in a moments notice. These transportable businesses are one of the many tactics the corporation utilizes to help them stay on top as the Terran Alliances most prosperous party. The recent uniting with the Hexisan Union has caused Prometheus to petition for rites to explore the additional system’s environment for economic opportunities.
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Prometheus Enterprises Description
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