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 T.A.F. Space Marshals

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T.A.F. Space Marshals
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The T.A.F. Space Marshals are part of the Federal Law Enforcement Division. They are limited in number, restricting their size to one-thousand men and women at a time. Those who serve must have military experience and must be deemed creditable by the board of Law Enforcement admissions. Most members are former T.A.F. service personal, but Prometheus Security and House of Veneration Wardens are eligible. Though the Space Marshals are organized by the T.A.F., all three of the Terran Alliance powers have a central part in the organization’s continuance.

The Space Marshalls were coordinated after an alarming number of outlaws were discovered hiding behind factional jurisdictions. Criminals could be found breaking Prometheus laws in the morning and hiding in T.A.F. districts by night. So law enforcement officials of each faction convened in order to solve the issue. Their answer, give authority to a body of trusted officials who would be granted diplomatic immunity. And so, the Space Marshalls took form. Since that time, they’ve been able to capture or kill over ten-thousand criminals, protecting the Milky Way from the lawless who lurk around the corners.

Unlike most military or law enforcement units, the Space Marshals are above the law in certain aspects. They can question, investigate and incarcerate any suspects on T.A.F., Prometheus or House of Veneration soil. They are allowed to carry firearms in public, use private sectors of space and land on any given planet within the Milky Way. They also are given the power to deputize, which allows Space Marshals to multiply their physical presence in times of need. Deputies may bare arms in assistance to the Marshall, so long as they are willing, and in the Marshall’s company. They are not allowed to question, investigate or incarcerate any suspect unless the Marshall is physically in attendance (communication devices are not considered “present”). Nor can they be in any private sections of space or on unauthorized planets without the Marshal being there.

Space Marshalls answer to the Chief Commander of the T.A.F. Marshals Service. The Chief Commander is usually elected to continue his responsibilities as a military leader while managing the Marshalls on the side. The current Chief Commander is Commander Sebastian Breton. He is also a high ranking officer for the T.A.F. Infantry when not acting as leader of the Space Marshals. He has been in his position for the past fifteen Earth years.
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PostSubject: Re: T.A.F. Space Marshals    T.A.F. Space Marshals  Icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2013 1:17 pm

T.A.F. Marshals Services Body of Powers
The T.A.F. Marshals Service is an extremely taxing duty, involving challenging laws, bureaucracy, and fieldwork. While each territory has special ordinances that contradict some Marshal authority, the below are some of the major rites that Marshals have which most law enforcement does not.

* T.A.F. Marshals reserve the rite to carry legal or registered weapons in public
*T.A.F. Marshals reserve the rite to search any civilian class person
*T.A.F. Marshals reserve the rite to hold any person of questioning for up to 72 hours
*T.A.F. Marshals reserve the rite to question any civilian class suspect
* T.A.F. Marshals reserve the rite to stop and search civilian class vehicles, including land, water, air, and space vessels
* T.A.F. Marshals reserve the rite to deputize any civilians that may be able to aid in apprehending or investigating in any current case. This deputizing can be from anywhere to an hour or until the Marshal retires. Any deputy who is registered and on staff for at least 30 days receives a federal base salary from the Marshal commissions offices.
* T.A.F. Marshals reserve the rite to allow their deputies to carry legal or registered weapons in public
* T.A.F. Marshals must take responsibility for any actions undertaken by their deputies as if the Marshal themselves has carried it out
* T.A.F. Marshals reserve the rite to order the Dutiful Admissions legislation. This piece of Terran Alliance legislation entitles the Marshal power to command a law offender to turn themselves into the nearest authorities without supervision of the Marshal, upon pain of further “Evading the Law” charges if disobeyed. This allows Marshals to enforce law against petty criminals without straying from any investigation or manhunt that may be underway
* T.A.F. Marshals reserve the rite to commandeer any evidence that may be pertinent to their current case or manhunt so long as they receive permission from administering authorities (IE: T.A.F. Police, Prometheus Security Division, House of Veneration Empyrean Legion)
* T.A.F. Marshals reserve the rite to turn in any wanted criminal to local jurisdiction. Upon proper identification of the criminal, T.A.F. Marshals receive a commission of half the due reward (other half going to the department of Federal Space Marshals). T.A.F. Marshals may divvy this profit up anyway they see fit between deputies they may have under their jurisdiction

Along with the many bodies of power a Marshal receives to aid in their duties, there are several strict rules that T.A.F. Marshals may not break, upon subject of trial and stripping of title.

*T.A.F. Marshals may not withhold information from other T.A.F. Marshals
* T.A.F. Marshals may not enter legal private property without proof of permission
* T.A.F. Marshals may not keep a suspect for more than 72 hours or re-incarcerate the suspect without proper evidence or probable cause
* T.A.F. Marshals may not detain T.A.F., Prometheus, or H.O.V. officials without proper warrants (this includes law enforcement, congressional title holders, diplomats)
* T.A.F. Marshals may not use illegal equipment or contraband during their investigations
* T.A.F. Marshals may not administer a trial, judicial hearing, or sentence to any suspect or criminal. This duty is only reserved for T.A.F., Prometheus, or H.O.V. judicial branches
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T.A.F. Space Marshals
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