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 Playable Races

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PostSubject: Playable Races   Playable Races Icon_minitimeSun Aug 19, 2012 5:06 pm

While there are many intelligent and animal species within the Milky Way and Hexisan Galaxies, the below are the only ones playable by players.

-Human: Adaptable, brave, resourceful
-Ullitors: Strong, athletic, able to resist great colds
-Solins: Inventive, wise, resistant to great heats
-Naga: Powerful, vicious, genetically altered
-Altarians: Old, Logical, known for their psionic abilities
-Novacons: Warriors, power mongers, addicted to cyber-implants
-Balidar: Territorial, defenders, honor relationships among all others
-Elashani: Non-solid beings, innovative, intelligent
-Rasari: Mysterious, aquatic, sneaky

With special permission from the GM, players can also play...

-Athiocs: Stone based creatures who live on the same planet of Balidar, nearly extinct
-Droids: Artifically Intelligent constructs
-Mutants: Other genetically altered creatures much like the Naga
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Playable Races
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