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 Rasari Description

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PostSubject: Rasari Description   Rasari Description Icon_minitimeSun Aug 19, 2012 1:30 pm

Racial Name: Rasari (Ra-Sorry)

Alias: None

Nicknames: Sneaks, Water Folk

Home Galaxy: Hexisan

Home Planet: Neenad (Knee-Nud)

Alternative Planet Names: The Wet Planet

Colonized Planets: Ahaxohev, Birenuro, Moons of Cesudeha, Cuzni, Darca, Davar,
Ebkif, Enaom, Fydarlal, Hemokiti, Moons of Ivere, Kavenuyi, Leva, Meteor belts of Nelat,
Nirihubo, Okinelax, Otiil, Raker, Moons of Reret, Risem, Tahayaz, Udiin, Uxaor, Vylor

Major Organizations: Hexisan Union, Secret Wardens

Physical Description: Rasari are bipedal creatures with a torso, head, two arm, two legs, and a tail-fin. They have six major sense organs, in which five are located on the head. They have two eyes, two ears, one mouth (all located on the head), one sonar beak and a large set of nervous tissue throughout their skin. They are descendents of early fish. Rasari body types are thin and cylindrical. They are of average height, with adult Rasari males averaging 1.55 meters (5 feet 10 inches) tall and females averaging 1.76 meters (5 foot 8 inches) tall. The average mass of an adult Rasari male is 63.5 kg (140 lbs) for males and 49.8 kg (110 lbs) for females.
Rasari Description Rasari5
Rasari are hairless with scales. Their scales vary in color from bright purples to dull blues (tend to be cool colors). Their skin can also deliver a powerful electrical shock to enemies, allowing Rasari to hunt with ease or protect them. They also have relaxed nervous systems which help them sneak up on and hunt prey more stealthfully.  The Rasari race has a simple anatomy which stems from their water environment. They have no hair or nose cartilage. As Rasari age, they tend to thin and shed scales. They have tiny, dull teeth which help them chew soft sea vegetation and smaller fish. Their digestive systems are used to take valuable nutrients out of their food quickly and secrete the rest.
Rasari Description Rasari_zps154a42a1
Rasari are omnivores (eat meat and vegetables), but tend to veer towards plant life. They have moderate life spans, living for an average of 65 years. They reach sexual maturity at 13 to 16 years of age. Females continue to develop physically until age 19 while males develop until age 21. Their physical climax starts at age 15, but can stretch out until age 40 years before they begin to slowly fade in strength and stamina. A Rasari is considered elderly (and incapable of certain physical actives) when they reach 55. They can live in most warm, temperate or cold waters, but can not last long in extremely hot waters (such as near volcanoes). Rasari have a relatively high, giving birth to a dozen eggs which later hatch into Rasari infants. Rasari also have very adaptable bodies which can adjust with many water environments. They can breathe underwater, but begin to suffocate in oxygen enriched environments. Such is why Rasari have developed surface respirators, which cycle water through their lungs and mouths so they can survive on land.

Culture: Rasari are considered secretive and mysterious. Their culture values their history and is not willing to give up certain planetary secrets easily. They enjoy interacting with other sea life and have dubbed themselves the Sheppard’s of the seas.  More than any other creatures, Rasari tend to have a very strict law which forbids them to talk about their planet’s history without pain of death. They are ordered to destroy any Rasari caught speaking of their secrets immediately, superseding any Hexisan laws. Rasari are weary of all other races, and tend to think that other species are too forward to directly deal with. Rasari do have close relationships with each other, and value their bonds closely. They believe in monogamy, but only in an emotional level. Rasari are free to mate with any other Rasari without penalty, so long as they do not break other rules of marriage. Rasari are extremely manipulative when they wish to get what they want, which can sometimes make other races suspicious of their motives.
Rasari Description Rasari
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Rasari Description
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