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 Elashani Description

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PostSubject: Elashani Description   Sun Aug 19, 2012 11:47 am

Racial Name: Elashani (Ella-Sha-Knee)

Alias: Plerumnites

Nicknames: Ghosts, Cloud People

Home Galaxy: Hexisan

Home Planet: Plerumn (Plare-uh-m)

Alternative Planet Names: Argon 23 (Named after the element being harvested)

Colonized Planets: Ahaxohev, Birenuro, Moons of Cesudeha, Cuzni, Darca, Davar,
Ebkif, Enaom, Fydarlal, Hemokiti, Moons of Ivere, Kavenuyi, Leva, Meteor belts of Nelat,
Nirihubo, Okinelax, Otiil, Raker, Moons of Reret, Risem, Tahayaz, Udiin, Uxaor, Vylor

Major Organizations: Hexisan Union

Physical Description: Elashani are by far the most complex life forms in the galaxies. They have no actual body forms, rather a set of gaseous molecules that remain together due to chemical bonds. Elashani are unsure of their exact creation date, as the creature has had no concept of time before being visited by Novacons nearly a century ago. However, the race stem from gaseous chemical compounds, mainly oxygen and carbon.

Elashani have no physical body parts, but appear to be a dense, bluish mist about the size of a medium humanoid. They are often times mistaken for ghosts of ancient folklore due to their consistency, hue and texture. The creature can command its body to move and interact with its environment through electrical kinetic commands (much like the human brain). As Elashani age, they tend to dissipate, growing smaller in mass. They have no actual senses besides atmospheric sonar and magnetic optics. They have no digestive system, but do need to be in hydrogen enriched environments every 3-5 days (depending on how much they exert themselves) in order to sustain their composition.

Elashani have moderate life spans, living for an average of 70 years. They have no sexual organs, as they reproduce through chemical bonds. When Elashani grow too large, due to molecular accumulation, a part of it will break off and create a new Elashani. Since they have no gender, Elashani do not have instinctual signals which compel them to reproduce. Their physical climax starts as soon as they are created, but can stretch out until age 60 before they begin to slowly fade in strength and stamina. An Elashani is considered elderly (and incapable of certain physical actives) after 60 and begins to slowly fade away into its environment (do to decay of the chemical bonds).They can live in temperate environments, but have an intolerance to extreme colds and heats. In particular, when Elashani are in temperatures above 37.7 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit), they are destroyed as their components liquefy. If Elashani are in a temperature below 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit), they are also destroyed, freezing in their environment. Because of this, most Elashani tend to stay protected in their atmospheric protective shells. Elashani have a very low birth rate, giving birth on average nearly every five to eight years (due to over-accumulation).

Culture: Elashani are one of the most remarkable and mystifying races in the Hexisan Union. Though their history is very terse, the culture as a whole has attracted many behaviorists to study them closely. For an estimated 10,000 years, the Elashani have existed in a fluid, stagnant state, sharing information with each other through charged data much like computers. However, despite the fact that the creature has conscious thought, it has not fully begun to understand the concept of society and customs until meeting otherworldly races. So in turn, they’ve collectively adopted Hexisan values, associations and goals, formulating new cultural personalities. The creature has become so adaptable in fact, that it tends to mimic the shape of creatures it associates with for ease of compliance. Elashani are also very candid and innocent. Their youth as a race makes them curious, playful and trusting. Unlike many attributes associated with adolescence however, Elashani are incredibly intelligent, and able to retain information in great magnitudes. Such is why many crews who do not favor robotics often have Elashani to help organize data within the crew.
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Elashani Description
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