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 Eda Vaugner, Digital Hacker

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PostSubject: Eda Vaugner, Digital Hacker   Eda Vaugner, Digital Hacker Icon_minitimeThu May 14, 2015 9:26 pm

Edanya “Eda” Vaugner
Eda Vaugner, Digital Hacker Eda_zps9ddfd9ec

Quote: "Can I hack it? Can you shut up?"

The hacker who became too greedy, Eda joined Exodus because she hated society’s boundaries, but quickly was caught selling Exodus secrets on the black market. She was imprisoned by Exodus for weeks. Luckily, her incarceration wouldn't last long, as she was soon freed by the Steel Witch crew after an attack on the Exodus aquatic base. Aft assisting the Steel Witch crew in attaining digital information from the Exodus mainframe, it was determined that Eda could be a valuable asset. After a short courting period, Eda became part of the crew.

Although Eda has a knack for breaking the rules, she's not without boundaries. Eda hates torture, murder and unnecessary violence. This has proved troubling sometimes with the Steel Witch crew, who occasionally can be heavy handed in the heat of battle. Nevertheless, although there are occasional moral issues with the Steel Witch crew, Eda's new found friendship for her colleagues was enough for her to travel with them intergalactically to Hexisan. While no one is 100% sure why Eda traveled so willingly, since her arrival, Eda has been very secretive, working with certain Dragon Knights in what some say is a covert operation.
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Eda Vaugner, Digital Hacker
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