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 Dale Gorman, Space Mechanic

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PostSubject: Dale Gorman, Space Mechanic   Tue May 12, 2015 9:35 pm

Dale Gorman (“Gorman”)

Quote: Hghm(Grunt).
Personality: Quiet, but strong headed and standoffish if pushed. He believes in making right choices, but once he’s decided, he does not back down.
Quirks: Has a “mint” (more addictive alien chewing tobacco) addiction and is constantly spitting everywhere.

A former H.O.V. mechanic within the Sacred Guard, Gorman volunteered to assist in a Terran Alliance in protecting Prime Minister Theomund, by repairing the ship driven by his sentinel, Nuriel. However, along with Nuriel, Gorman became bitter with the things he saw, so after Nuriel stepped down from duties, Gorman volunteered to travel w/ him, joining Exodus by default. Unfortunately, he never got along with Nuriel’s lieutenants, and ended up in a cell after Nuriel’s term of leave.
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Dale Gorman, Space Mechanic
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