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 The Academy

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​​​​ The Academy

The Academy  Plano2_zpsc6124249

Each member will be given a crystal that gives them access to their dorm, fitness center and library.


The Academy  Dorm_zpsullo7ykm

Dorms consist of personal computers, temperature adjustable rooms/beds and on-the-clock meals that are personally delivered. The computers have large amounts of complex storage that can be loaded to help upload mission data, communicate with in-system space vessels and secure important information.

Fitness Center
The Academy  Gym_zps1nilcpyc

The Fitness Center is compiled of physical machines that can assist in physical training, as well as simulators that can add to the experience. Machines consist of strength (Lift), stamina and speed (running) machines as well as Simulator rooms that can aid in combat simulations (combat skills) as well as environment training (acrobatics, survival, swimming).

The Academy  Great%20library_zpsj59rgcur

The Library is a technologically advanced room with millions of years of historical data, education programs and an advanced A.I. named Febus who is legally considered a Hexisan citizen. While most users tend to study without AI assistance, those who do use Febus find that he can be very resourceful. For Febus is uploaded with an advanced estimation program that uses mathematical probabilities, historical data and universal risk factors in order to assist individuals with investigations and tactical planning. However, Febus does not allow users to abuse his generosity, and has banned several different guests for attempting to use his assistance to do ill.

Scheduling (based on Terran Time)

Dragon-Neophytes are expected to conduct a rigorous training that has two phases which last six months in total. The first phase strictly follows a daily schedule. Below are schedules for all Dragon-Neophytes.

Phase 1 Scheduling

6AM: A nutritional gourmet breakfast is delivered. Neophytes have thirty minutes to dine.

6:30 AM: Personal Isolathes (see Hexisan Equipment) arrive at each dorm to personally escort members to the sky-room. The sky-room, the top floor of the Academy's 200 floor building, is protected by a gravity dome and looks over Mount Hasie. There, Dragon-Neophytes say vows each morning before being addressed by a speaker.

7 AM-10 AM: Academic classes are conducted in order to teach members tactics, leadership skills and how to work as a team.

10AM-Noon: Equipment Training

Noon-1 PM: Lunch and Reflection time. Members are allowed to enter the eating gardens, sky-room or wherever else they wish in order to dine, meditate or socialize.

1PM-6PM: Individual Psionic Training. Team members are partnered up with others who are training in similar branches of psionics. Instructors not only teach methods, but have teams conduct live activities throughout the moon in order to advance the Dragon-Neophytes understanding.

Phase 2
Phase 2 is conducted of secondary operations that are observed by Dragon Knight leaders. These operations are not to be mistaken with simulations. These missions always help push the Dragon Knight agenda, but are merely supervised by sworn brothers and sisters. After ten Phase 2 operations, it is up to the Dragon Knight to determine whether a Neophyte is worthy of being given authority rights that are currently honored by the Hexisan System.

Upon completion of both phases, and given confirmation by the proper authorities, Neophytes are inducted into the order through a knighting ceremony. The knighting ceremony is personally conducted by Magnate Corigan himself. Members are officially given the license to all of their equipment (legally the member's afterwards to upkeep) and documentation that gives them representative rights and authority to investigate via an official contract between Starcaller and the Hexisan Council (Authority Rating 1).

Authority, Rating 1 (Dragon Knight): Dragon Knights are given authority to investigate any issues that pertain to Dragon Knight objectives so long as it does not break any legal regulations. Dragon Knights must obtain accreditation by Hexisan authority beforehand to do so. Accreditation can include anything from searching a home or business, questioning civilians or searching hazardous sites or properties.[/u][/u]
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The Academy
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