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 Deputy Brutus Shanahan

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Deputy Brutus Shanahan
Deputy Brutus Shanahan Yuiphone_zps98eb7ae4 Deputy Brutus Shanahan Yuphi2_zpsdca85bf7
Deputy Brutus Shanahan once lived a simple life. He was a good husband, decent mechanic, and loyal Yenrian citizen. On his off time, he volunteered for the Paladin Militia, risking his own safety in order to protect planet Hades. He loved the job so much that he began becoming obsessed with his volunteer work, putting in extra hours in order to do whatever he could to keep order. While his intentions were admirable, it began to cause the rest of his life to suffer. His wife despised him, he neglected his small business and his social life was nonexistent. He lived, slept and ate law enforcement. That is until the day he met the crew of the Steel Witch.

Paladin Brutus had been trying to put a stop to a number of small time crooks, but they always ended up hiding behind their untouchable bigger bosses. So, it goes without saying that when a band of intergalactic space marshals came into town looking to bust up the invincible criminal ring, Brutus was more than happy to show them around. At first he acted as their guide, but as Marshal Weller and his crew continued to delve deeper into the criminal syndicate, Shanahan couldn’t help but to get involved.

Unfortunately for him, the crew of the Steel Witch became a bit heavy handed in their investigations, which caused both them, and Shanahan, to get into hot water with major political powers. Shanahan was forced to resign. When he gave the bad news to his wife, she’d had enough. She left Shanahan, taking their savings and splitting.

Luckily, when Brutus reported the bad news to Marshal Weller and his crew, they were generous enough to offer the former Paladin a spot on their crew. He was deputized on the spot, given a second chance to do what he loves best, protect the law. While Brutus isn’t overly talented in any one thing, his dedication to the team has caused him to continue to vigorously focus on improving himself as a law enforcer. Through the high-tech ship that the Marshal owns, Brutus has began using what time he has between jobs to become the best lawman he can, and prove his worth as a deputy.
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Deputy Brutus Shanahan
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