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 The Planet of Protega

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The Planet Protega is located on the fringes of the Norma Arm, and centerpiece of the Protega system (much as Earth is to the Earth System). The purple planet gets its hue from the high betaxanthin compound in its soil, and can sustain most life naturally, though Prometheus terraformed the globe just to be sure . By Terran Alliance standards, Planet Protega is owned by Prometheus Enterprises. However, due to its location, and high crime rate, it has been annexed by an independent organization of pirates known as the Conquistadors. While much of the city is still ran by government officials, and reinforced by local Prometheus security, these entities are highly influenced by the overpowering pirates. Protega does not technically have a capital, though its unofficial capital is its main city, Viroutax (VIE-Row-Tawks).

The Planet of Protega City2_zpsc04ec025
Population: 2.3 million
Government: Corporate, with Pirate Influence
Major Exports: Mercenaries, filtered water, illegal gear
Major Imports: Stolen goods, military equipment, technical tools
Leader: Changes on a whim (unofficial leader is Captain Francisco Vanquez, “Prince of Protega and King of the Pirates”)

Viroutax was once the planet’s corporate business district, but as raiding parties continued to wear authorities down, those smart enough abandoned their positions, and let the Conquistadors take control. Viroutax has a very loose corporate culture, which is slowly being dwindled down by lawlessness and piracy. Officials try to keep the high tech city functional, while keeping Conquistador forces appeased. Unlike nearly any other city in the Milky Way Galaxy, Conquistador pirates in Viroutax have authority over all corporate positions, and can supersede any laws that they please. Luckily for Viroutax governing forces, the Conquistador forces benefit from keeping the city intact, and want nothing to do with the political responsibility that comes with running the metropolis.  Viroutax is split into four different districts, that are simply named after the four directions of the modern compass.

North District (Downtown)
The Planet of Protega Protega1_zps7f663eb5
Filled with skyscrapers, domed complexes and sky-highways, the North District is the most lively and populated of the districts. Pirates who frequent here usually come for the gambling halls and classy drinking halls that litter the area. Most of Prometheus Enterprises remaining security forces reside in the North District, keeping peace for the most important individuals that reside within its streets.

South District (Logistics Ports)
The Planet of Protega Protega3_zps5781aa42
The South District is packed with ship ports, vehicle depots, and storage facilities. Most supplies from Hades, Phaya, and the black market trade come through here, and is heavily guarded by the pirates who receive a cut. The South District’s streets are very baron, as there is little housing in the area. The Corota’ Water Filtration plant is located in the South District, and provides Viroutax’s source of clean hydration. The workers mine water deep from the Cairo II River, hiding deep below Viroutax’s surface.

East District (The Quarters)
The Planet of Protega City_zps88e60635
East District is the housing community of the city. Over 1.5 million of the city’s population lives in the area. Homes range from massive mansions for politicians and important pirates, to squatter hives. Most of the area however, consists of compact hand constructed buildings of concrete or cheap metal, tightly packed amongst each other. Streets are very thin, and alleyways are a plenty. Most crime in the city is committed in the East District, as the poor population and lack of proper food and water create turmoil in the streets.

West District (The Maze)
The Planet of Protega VRWorld_zpsacba1f45
The West District is Prometheus’s incomplete project that was disrupted during the hostile Conquistador takeover. While it is uncertain as to what Prometheus intended to do in the area, the incomplete archologies and underground highways makes many citizens suspect. The Conquistadors have made major moves to secure the West District, and park most of their ground-to-space ships within the West Districts heavily secured buildings. Certain streets and avenues are strictly off permission, and violators are subject to being shot without warning on certain blocks.
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The Planet of Protega
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