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 The Ettin (Modified Wasp Class Fighter)

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The Ettin (Modified Wasp Class Fighter) Empty
PostSubject: The Ettin (Modified Wasp Class Fighter)   The Ettin (Modified Wasp Class Fighter) Icon_minitimeThu Mar 20, 2014 10:11 pm

The Ettin (Modified Wasp Class Fighter) Hornet2_zps10e0a316
Crew: 1
Passengers: 1 (Gunner)
Life-Supporting Modules: Compact Bridge
Cargo Modules: None
Life Support Supplies: Atmosphere (2 People/ 1 Month)


1 Laser Cannon Front Facing Half Arc--+3D Gunnery, 6D Damage, Range 5/16/33 SCALE 6

1 plasma torpedo launcher Ammo: 3, forward arc, single shot per round, range 2/3/7, damage 9D

In-System Drive: 12 Space Movement (Improved Plama Engine Upgrades)
Maneuverability: +3D
Interstellar Drive: None

Hull Toughness: 1D+1
Atmosphere Capability: Yes with Gravity Landing Sled
Armor: 1D+1
Shields: +1D

Base Ship Scale: 6
Shape: Wedge
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The Ettin (Modified Wasp Class Fighter)
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