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 Balidar History

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PostSubject: Balidar History   Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:15 pm

The Balidar are one of the few races who can magnificently balance loyalty, resourcefulness and intellect without impairing other aspects. Evolved from canine-like primates, the Balidar never fully outgrew their instinctual ways, preferring to walk on all fours instead of standing upright. Though they exhibit many primal traits, the Balidar are actually older and more advanced than most other Hexisan Union races (Altarians, Novicon and Humans being the exception).

The Balidar are highly energetic which in turn makes their society very productive. Their sleep habits are sporadic, resting only for four hours or so, then taking smaller naps randomly throughout the day. This allows the Balidar to work longer hours, concentrate more effectively and work around the clock. Such is why they’ve been dubbed the “Night Crawlers” by other races, as most species are unable to keep up with Balidar nocturnal liveliness. This is not their only redeeming quality however.

The Balidar are also very protective, using a strict set of rules to keep a territorial system in order. Everything from city streets, places of work and family members are coded into possessive ownership. These fields of control are marked by synthetic scents, the strongest of the Balidar sensations. There are public odors, private fragrances and restricted aromas that inform Balidar of who with or where they can not be. If they break these laws, they are punished by harsh Balidar law.

Because the Balidar are built the way they are, their history has been quite chaotic. At one time, the creatures warred with another intelligent species native to their home called the Athiocs. The Athiocs were a grayish humanoid species that evolved from geo-bacteria, making them tough and durable. The Athiocs were also very explorative, a trait that repulsed the Balidar . Soon Athioc tribes were moving in on Balidar territory, causing the canine race to ignite into an uproar. The Balidar banded together and declared war on their rival species, causing the entire planet to go to war.

Luckily, the war waged during a relatively dark age of technological power, causing minimal damage to the environment. Unluckily, by the end of this great war that expanded on-and-off for nearly nine-hundred years, the Athiocs were all but extinct. The few who remained through surrender could not produce high enough levels of offspring due to a rare plague that had swept through the planet during their fall. Though the Balidar tried to keep their old enemies alive, they only could manage to preserve a few uncontaminated Athioc towns. The reminder of the race would live on reservations for the rest of the time on their home planet, barely keeping enough numbers to keep their lineage alive.

Meanwhle, the Balidar were prospering nicely. They began to built large communities which transformed into great cities as time went on. Because the Balidar were such great climbers, they began to construct their buildings vertically. However, unlike other cultures who built sky scrapers because of limited space, the Balidar constructed their massively tall buildings with the intention of being able to comfortably climb inside. Intimidating structures filled with climbing bars could be found throughout cities, towns and villages, making the Balidar habitats more secure and comfortable. At that very same time, the Balidar were also studying both their vast oceans and skylines. It was near this time when the Altarian and Novicon races decided to make their presence known.

The interstellar allies had been watching the Balidar for sometime. Once they realized how protective the Balidar were however, it was decided that the celestial foreigners would try to attempt contact first through psychic means. Using the Altarians five elders (most powerful of the psions), the two races were able to connect with the Balidar’s most important figures and negotiate peaceful terms of introduction. The strategy would prove fruitful, as Balidar were more willing to work with the strangers because of the persuasion of their leaders. Soon, the three races had finally gathered, and through a series of summits, invited the Balidar into their galactic community in return for the Balidar’s protective services (As the Altarians and Novacon were both rebuilding their populace due to their 200 year war). Before long the three races had joined, and advancements were made to officially create the Hexisan Union.

Today, the Balidar are still some of the Hexisan Union’s best defenders. Their military equipment, tactics and training are all built for sturdy, forceful defenses. While they leave most assault plans to the Altarian and Novicon races, no one can declare that there is any better race to guard their great Union other than the Balidar. They help compliment the great alliance and allow other races to invest their attention towards other ventures. Fortunately, since the Balidar have valued loyalty over new opportunities since the beginning of their ethos, the Hexisan Union will likely be able to depend on their defenses for centuries to come.
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Balidar History
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