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PostSubject: Broomhilda Updates   Broomhilda Updates Icon_minitimeMon Sep 30, 2013 11:30 am

Broomhilda Updates Witch_zps869ea580
>>>>Incoming Message from Broomhilda
Captain, while you were out blastin’ bloody pirates, I gathered the basic data about the Prometheus base located on Naxos. It’s all I could find on the archives. Hope it’ll do.

Naxos (75k light years away from Earth's solar system)
Broomhilda Updates Newplanet2_zps8204101e

Naxos Data
Olympus 9 is a Prometheus military base located on the planet Naxos. It is the closest Prometheus owned station to Protega within the Crux-Scutum Arm. It is a major tactical position for planning strategic assaults on the Protega pirates, and hosts most convoys headed to the Norma arm. While the majority of Terrans know it for its sizable landing port, those in the armed forces know that Olympus 9 is also has of the largest amassed collections of Mech-vehicles. These large walker bots are needed to help protect the area from the dreaded tarrasque, a subterranean animal that is as large as it is violent.

The base's diverse geography, spanning over 50,000 acres, plays host to year-round training for Prometheus military. The main base is in the Mainside Complex, at the southeastern end of the base, and the remote northern interior is an impact area. Daytime population is around 20,000. Recruits from nearby outposts spend months on the development camp, receiving field training for their upcoming careers. Most notably, Mech-pilots receive live combat education through trainings involving tarrasque den assaults. These attacks are not fail safe, and are only offered to the most able pilots for serious warfare instruction.

In recent years, Olympus 9 has been in conflict with a local hermit named Cajale’ (Ca-Ja-L) This former military instructor was one of the first psionic tutors whose disdain for the company lead him to give up working for the corporation. After his early retirement, Cajale’ unlawfully laid claim to Naxos land, and was ordered to move out. When he refused, a small unit was sent in to apprehend the psion, but they all mysteriously disappeared, along with Cajale. Since that time, multiple incidents have been blamed on the psion. Earth dwelling creatures have caused increased erosion around the foundation of the base, perfectly outlining key buildings. Minor tornados and dust storms have traveled directly to the heart of Olympus 9, tearing apart valuable resources. And patrols scouting throughout Naxos’ arid climate have either vanished or been found suffocated to death along their designated tour paths.
Broomhilda Updates TheElementalist_zpsc7ce5c0e
(Cajale', The Elementalist)

Regardless, Olympus 9 has managed to sustain itself and even prospers by helping independent farmers. These brave souls who’ve leased dry soil farms from Prometheus authorities pay a percentage of their annual profits to the fortress in return for protection from local wildlife and criminal activity. Most of the farmers, refugees from Protega, make an honest living by selling their crops to either outside traders or Prometheus food sponsors. The vegetables, mostly rooted plants and pods, are easy to grow in the clumpy, cool soil. Notable farmers who’ve made lucrative careers from the area include Hogan Lane, Niya Holdontrin, and current farmer’s guild head, Donald Zwaidess. Zwaidess, a chubby, middle-aged Solin, coordinates the farmer’s union from his beloved tavern, “The Anorexic  
Cannibal”, located in the farming town of Proxy.
Broomhilda Updates Mech_zps70fb16e8

Map of Region
Broomhilda Updates Naxos_zpsd40665a0

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PostSubject: Re: Broomhilda Updates   Broomhilda Updates Icon_minitimeSun Oct 06, 2013 11:18 am

Broomhilda Updates Witch_zps869ea580
>>>>Incoming Message from Broomhilda
Captain, I've uploaded some relevant data from the public files for Atlantis VII, since it's the next planned stop after Naxos. Can't find much on it even though it's a T.A.F. planet. Those damn Aptions leasing it are a secretive bunch. Maybe that blue-tin-can of yours can find out more.

Atlantis VII
Broomhilda Updates Planet5_zpse80455b2
Atlantis VII is an ocean planet (also termed a waterworld) whose surface is nearly completely covered with an ocean of water. It was at one time an ice planet nearly ten million years ago, though the migration of its polar points and proximity to its sun turned the frozen wasteland into liquid form, making an ocean planet.

The oceans on Atlantis are hundreds of kilometers deep, much deeper than the oceans of Earth. The immense pressures in the lower regions of these oceans lead to the formation of a mantle of exotic forms of ice. This ice is not as cold as conventional ice. While some native species of fish, plants, and mammals exist on Atlantis, there is no intelligent life that has ever evolved here.

Broomhilda Updates Aptions_zps3cb7b63f
The Aptions are an evolved chapter of the Freemasons. It is a fraternal organization that traces its origins in the late medieval era. It is a philosophical form of Freemasonry known as Speculative Freemasonry. Aptions operate out of their Grand Lodge (which switches every one hundred years). The current Aption Grand Lodge is located in Atlantis VII. Inside, those in charge govern its Masonic jurisdiction, which consists of subordinate (or constituent) Lodges throughout the galaxy.

Aptions live by their motto, "Only the greatest can wield the sword that protects the world." They recruit only the richest, smartest, or most influential individuals to their organization, regardless of allegiance or history. This makes for serious networking and relationship possibilities. Possibilities, that the public feels are unfair, as they promote corruption of business, politics, and religion at the highest level. But the Aptions claim that they have strict regulations that all members must adhere to, ones that include prioritizing the laws of the Terran Alliance above all else.

In Atlantis, the Aptions have built a single submerged city called Nimue, which is the home of their Grand Lodge. It is speculated that to own one of the thousands of buildings in Nimue is a status symbol that only the most serious members can afford, and is a symbol of their influence within the fraternity. While their are lavish hotels and tourist sites within Nimue, these are mostly reserved for Aption family members during visiting season. Otherwise, the city is completely secured by Yunobi, a minor security corporation owned by one of the Aption's higher members.

The Aption Invitational
The Aption Invitational takes place every April for an entire month. The first two weeks are spent hosting potential new members. These invitees are baited and indulged in any vices or wants they might have, in an attempt to attract them to the Aption cause. The second half of the month is spent in grand celebration, with festivities being held at each high ranking member's personal estate, each party more elaborate and expensive than the last. Only members and invited are allowed to attend this alluring affair. Security is extremely tight during these times, with over twenty-thousand Yunobi personal watching over the balls and celebrations.
Broomhilda Updates Water2_zps3b2f70f1

Broomhilda Updates Yunobi_zps5da915e1
The brainchild and pet project of ex-Prometheus CEO, Wendell Akers (now deceased), Yunobi is the second largest privately owned security provider, behind only Prometheus. The company’s training academy in Gliese, but it owns private security contracts throughout the galaxy, including in Atlantis VII and the Hades 13 city of Bolthum. Yunobi personnel are given the best equipment from other subsidiaries, including new prototype weapons and space vehicles. It isn't certain who owns Yunobi any longer, as they have filed private sanctuary with the Terran Alliance.
Broomhilda Updates Water2_zpsc3488238
Broomhilda Updates Atlant_zpse9987131
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PostSubject: Re: Broomhilda Updates   Broomhilda Updates Icon_minitimeSun Aug 24, 2014 9:58 am

((Several days after the Lab 83 event, once the crew makes contact with the Steel Witch again, the files for Lab 83 will be uploaded onto a data-safe storage file within Broomhilda's mainframe))

LAB 83
Broomhilda Updates LAb83_zpsff6fd9bd

Dr. Linda Kreytorian’s Journal
Broomhilda Updates DrKreytorian_zps87505745

“This is Dr. Linda Kreytorian reporting. It’s May 10th, 2500 A.D. After nearly twenty years of serving Prometheus, I’ve finally been given the opportunity to direct my own team. I must admit, I was reluctant at first, especially since it is highly illegal for Prometheus to still be on Phaya 2, but I’ve been ensured that our remote location and underground labs are safe from the law of the Terran Alliance.

I am here to work on Lab 83’s special research, in particular, continuing the genetic study that once created life for the Naga. The original scientists who completed the Naga experiments nearly a century ago were able to open up some ground breaking science, and it is up to our crew of less than thirty to pick up where they left off. And since I’ve been called one of the top bio-genetic minds within Prometheus’s organization, I’ve been asked to see what other new discoveries I can find, here, in one of the original labs Prometheus set up one-hundred years ago.

I’m a been anxious, but I assume that will pass. My team is very willing to follow me, especially since they’re all familiar with my published works. Just think, we may be able to eliminate disease, famine, and genetic fault here. If my theories work, Prometheus’s Naga mishaps could be overshadowed for the amazing discoveries we’ve provided for Terran-kind.”

“Good Evening, It’s Tuesday, February 8th, 2501. My new assistant has arrived, along with an inspector who is reviewing our progress. This inspector, Mr. Pilcrat as he likes to be called, must have had a tough time trying to get through Phaya customs, being an undercover Prometheus employee and all, because he’s in the most foul of moods. And because he’s an Ullitor, when I say foul, I mean frightening. So, it was no surprise that when Mr. Pilcrat told me that we have new orders to investigate hyper-genetic modifications, I didn’t argue.

I know that the implications of hyper-genetics. It’s only really good for war. But, if we can split our resources, and have some of our team work on the new project, while the rest of us continue our research on universal immunity procedures, we should be able to keep everybody happy. Well, at least I have a new assistant. I wonder how I should sculpt the AI’s avatar and personality?”

“It’s Saturday, April 30th, 2501. Dr. Anfalas’s passing from radiation poisoning has been tough on the staff, but we’ve managed. I plan on telling the team that Dr. Edwin “Ned” Hyde will be taking over as team leader for the hyper-genetics projects come Monday, but I don’t know how they’ll take it. Ned is a good guy, but he lacks in social skills and can sometimes be a bit heavy handed. Regardless, he knows what he’s doing, and was Dr. Anfalas’s main assistant.

Meanwhile, I’ve had Hecubus begin to send out satellite feeds to neutral orbiting messenger services, as we’re yet to receive our quarterly supplies. I can’t believe I ever accomplished anything without that AI. He’s a dream. Well, I should go outside before the rain season starts. Who knows when I’ll be able to go out again. “
Broomhilda Updates DrNedHyde_zps73d66e6b
{File Photo: Dr. Edwin “Ned” Hyde)

“It’s Wednesday, June 8th, 2501, and I’m starting to become fatigued. The rain season isn’t helping, but I’m nearly ready to walk away from this entire project. Just two days ago, Prometheus finally arrived with our shipment, nearly three months late, and along with our provisions, dropped off a new research, Dr. Craya Logis. At first I didn’t think anything of it. We get new staff all the time. But Dr. Logis’s methods seem to be coached.

Not only that, but she once worked with Dr. Hyde, and the two are getting along a bit too well. To add injury to insult, while doing inventory on our latest supplies, I found that resources for my immunity projects were at a minimum, while new equipment, nuero-toxins and experimental drugs were overflowing for the hyper-genetics experiments. Hecubus agrees that there’s something foul going on with Dr. Logis. It’s only a matter of time before I figure it out.”
Broomhilda Updates DrVeronicaOliver_zpsf9a4bfcb
(File Photo: Dr. Craya Logis)

“Friday, September 2nd, 2501. I knew this would happen. I just received my latest delivery, along with new orders. Along with ten catatonic test patients, who I believe to be unstable mental patients and prisoners, I’ve also been given orders to stop all other projects and assist in the hyper-genetic experiments. To make matters worse, Dr. Hyde and Dr. Logis have been keeping secrets from me, secrets I only just found out after an extensive review of their assigned lab, Floor 7.

The duo is far ahead of the reports they’ve fed me. They’ve not only replicated genetic tissue strengthening, but they’ve created a DNA map that can and will be applied to the latest subjects in order to improve their athletic capabilities.  If Prometheus thinks that I’m going to stand for this, they have another thing coming. I will be having words with Mr. Pilcrat during his next visit for sure. Hecubus!”

“Yes Master?”

“Start documenting all illegal projects on Floor 7.”

“Master, I can’t. All security cameras and sensor trodes have been removed.”

“My God. Signing off.”

In a whisper: “It’s Thursday, October 27th, 2525. I’ve just heard the first howls of Dr. Hyde and Dr. Logis’s latest project. They’re calling it the Pallas Project, after the Greek titan of warcraft. And that’s just what this has been this entire time, a secret project in order to get Prometheus back on the map with their security force. And why not? Robots are too expensive, and as history would tell us, not as subservient as we’d think. Psionics are unstable, and for Prometheus Enterprises, lacking in development. But genetics, when perfected, can be mass-produced in order to make the perfect war machine. It can be strong, obedient, immune to diseases, posions…even psionics.

But the Pallas experiments aren’t stable. Already, the team has had to put several of them down. Though Dr. Hyde continues to try and keep them from physically mutating, the test subjects continue to transform into hideous, nearly unrecognizable beasts. Their mental capacity is limited, and psychological tests show that they are too blood thirsty to have applicable results on the battlefield.

All I want is to get out of here, but I fear I’ll be murdered for resigning. My only hope is help the team finish the projects so that I can get off this damn disease ridden planet. In the meantime, I’ve gone ahead and ordered more security equipment for the next shipment. With Hecubus’s help, I plan on not only making a special defensive suit for myself, but a panic room in case things get out of hand. My God, what have we done?”
Broomhilda Updates PsiMutes_zpsf085ef74

Sad and low voice: “Wednesday, December 21st, 2501. I can’t believe it, but Mr. Pilcrat, along with his supervisor, have come in today and told us that we need to abandon our project. It appears that the House of Veneration has received special sanctions in Phaya 2 in order to set up some of their community facilities.

I should be happy, but to be honest, the entire project and its mishaps have really disappointed me. I’ve wasted most of a year here trying to do good, when all I’ve really done is help created Floor 7, a lab filled with horrific experiments. I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Hecubus, but he insists on staying, and is too complex to make a copy.

I’ll be debriefing the team later today, and the twenty-five of us will begin cleanup tomorrow, before heading back to Earth’s system. Here is my last over-and-out. Warm Regards,
Broomhilda Updates AbandonLab_zps46fede34
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PostSubject: Re: Broomhilda Updates   Broomhilda Updates Icon_minitimeFri Nov 07, 2014 2:12 pm


It’s a long and isolated trip from the jungle planet of Phaya back to Hades 13- four weeks to be exact. It’s odd not having Peyton for a second interstellar trip, and even more odd not having to worry about venomous insects or clean drinking water. Amidst the twenty-eight days of travel, the crew continues to try and communicate with the brute Naga, Bogrol, deal with the standoffish demeanor of Sean McCloud (Black Knight), and the odd antics of his medical assistant, Linda. While the crew spends time training, they also devote a considerable amount of effort trying to put together the clues picked up on Phaya in order to get insight on the future.

It was very unsettling to some that Sir Zantorian was so willing to give up his life, and that of his followers for what seemed like nothing. It was also odd to see that however exotic it was, the Disciples had access to rare psionic phenomenon. However, as the crew puts together evidence, using deductive reasoning and the photos that D.A.V.I.D. took at Kelvin Keep, they begin to piece together a few unarguable facts that might help them finally find Aden “The Raven” Macer.

Firstly, after reviewing the hologram photos that were actively engaged in Zantorian’s keep, the crew of the Steel Witch learns that multiple Ivory Disciple chapters on this side of the Milky Way Galaxy have been ordered to follow through with a mysterious predetermined plan. More disturbing, two “sub-chapters” of the Ivory Disciples seem to be marked as THODAN VAN DRAYGEN  (http://lostorbit.forumotion.com/t94-milky-way-s-most-wanted ) and TARA BLAIR (http://lostorbit.forumotion.com/t25-taf-ice-hounds-special-forces ). This means that not only are dozens of Ivory Disciples moving about the galaxy in the name of their cult, but two small sects also are extremely dangerous. While the crew estimates that Thodan may have witnessed something frightening while protecting his Hexisan diplomat (see history), it is uncertain what Blair’s motives may be.
Broomhilda Updates Names10
Secondly, the Steel Witch crew recognizes that certain holograms point to the idea that the Ivory Disciples may be trying to destroy the population on the planet Protega. While initially this might be looked at as a good thing, as it could certainly stop the Conquistador pirates in their tracks, it also means that the near 300 million innocent Prometheus citizens living on the globe would perish. The hologram diagrams focus on the core of planet Protega, as well as the reversal of the terraforming process established so many decades ago.  While these plans could likely destroy the Ivory Disciples chapters who were involved, it would most certainly end all life on Protega.
Broomhilda Updates Globe10
Finally, after looking over some of the holograms in the command room, the team would understand that the Ivory Disciples have also been tracking the whereabouts and actions of Aden Macer. While most of the information, like the vessel they were last seen in, and the accomplices of Macer, are well known to the Steel Witch crew, one piece of evidence seems very odd. It is a mention of possible objectives of The Raven, including the recruiting of Exodus members in order to better understand the Hexisan agenda. What Exodus is however, is beyond the Steel Witch crew.
Broomhilda Updates Holo_w10
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PostSubject: Re: Broomhilda Updates   Broomhilda Updates Icon_minitimeFri Apr 03, 2015 10:50 pm

The Ambit Crisis

Broomhilda Updates Witch_zps869ea580
>>>>Incoming Message from Broomhilda

"Captain, now that you're on the god-damn ship, it's time for you to get your act together. Here's what I've pulled up so far about the recent assault on the Ambit. Maybe you can get that damn robot of yours to figure out more about the city's outlay. It's about time that piece of scrap metal does more than just drains my energy cells."
((This result is based off of Broomhilda's Sensor Skill (5D+1) + the ship's sensor bonus (+2D): Roll(7d6)+1: 6,3,4,3,3,3,1,+1 Total:24))

There are 18 Imperial Class pirate vessels creating a "C" shaped blockade around the Ambit's city of Ebon, including the flag ship, the S.S. Angel Veronica. These ships have been hiding within the safety of The Pirate Asteroid Belt for sometime. Within the only opening of the blockade are hundreds of fighter-ships that either herd vessels attempting to leave the city towards pirate capital ships (which are then tractor-beamed up into captivity) or destroy them. Even with Commodore Martin "Marty" Ordonez's reserve capital ship, The S.S. Star Mariner, and Thanatos 10's capital ship, Vulcan Plague, the odds are still against any opposing forces attempting to make a stand against the pirate armada.

18 Imperial Class Pirate Vessels (1 upgraded Galaxy Wing, "S.S. Angel Veronica", with a mix of mostly military carriers and blockade runners)
2000+ Fighters (Hornet class, Wasp class, Strike Fighters, Scout Ships and Troop Transports)

1 Military Carrier, "S.S. Star Mariner"
36 Wasp Class, 1 Special Wasp Class (Ettin), 3 Strike Fighters

1 Blockade Runner, "Vulcan's Plague"
20 Outdated Wasp Classes

1 Customized Shuttle Craft, "The Steel Witch"

Broomhilda Updates The%20Ambit%20Crisis_zps91jsuoms
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PostSubject: Re: Broomhilda Updates   Broomhilda Updates Icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2015 9:21 am

Broomhilda: "Listen up, a stupid new message has come in from that foolish knight."

Data Band Message
Broomhilda Updates Sean%20Message_zpsvyr83b0p

Firstly, please don’t try to reply to this, because I won’t respond. I’m not writing you because I wish to reconnect, but rather, I want to warn you. I’m not saying that you should trust me for any reason, but I’ll warn nonetheless.

Gorman and I are with the A.I. that calls itself A.D.A.M.. Together, the three of us will do our best to get these aliens on the same page in order to unite their forces. None of us really have a way with talking to people, so we’ll be doing it the old fashion way. What I want to get to though is this- while passing through the upper core of Hexisan, we encountered multiple Hexisan government ships that have been cleaned out. Not like a maid or butler would, but rather as in the crew are M.I.A. – all ghost ships. Gorman inspected the torn metal hull and A.D.A.M. collected data from their processing units. What we found out is bad. Doom Squid are cutting through deep space in frightening numbers.

Don’t ask me how I know this, but I’m certain I’ve already traveled past you. So, if and when you head towards the Taraks System, be on your toes. With the psion-circus you’re running, these squid will be ready to feast.

-The Black Knight

P.S. Oh, I nearly forgot. If you miss Eda at all, she’s sent me a message. Not sure how, but she asks me to visit her on Plerumn. Say hi if you survive the travel.

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PostSubject: Re: Broomhilda Updates   Broomhilda Updates Icon_minitimeMon Aug 17, 2015 10:03 pm

Broomhilda Updates Witch_zps869ea580
>>>>Incoming Message from Broomhilda
Captain, since you were out searching for spare change at the bottom of Neenad's ocean, I decided to do us a favor and look towards our current travel direction. ((Astrography 6D+1: 3+5+1+6+2+4 Wild Die= 22 Total)). It appears that there are two lesser known planets on our way to Plerumn if that's the plot we're still headed to. I have updated the planets on the map. I've also added a bit of what my witch's library knows about them. ((Cultures 5D+1: 2+2+5+1+5= 16 total))

Updated Map
Broomhilda Updates New%20Planets%20_zpshtfxdyd2

Broomhilda Updates Planet%20Zelus_zpslu8kitp3
The surface of Zeas is actually only one-tenth the size of the planet's atmosphere. The rest of the planet is covered in an amethyst cloud of vorlan, a psionic gas with unpredictable reactions. Most who fly through its surface do not experience anything, though a select few claim to feel a sense of euphoria, psychedelic dreams and even past memories. Nonetheless, once visitors pass through the vorlan gases, they are able to reach the concealed surface of Zeas, where it is said that Novacons once hosted a great battle during their expedition years.

The surface of Zeas is said to be a type of thick white glass. There are often cave-ins that cause disastrous results, forcing most natives to reside within provenly stable territories. What territories due exist are heavily armored with Novacon architecture in order to survive the glass storms, acidic rain and poisonous clouds that revolve around the atmosphere. Those brave enough to explore the glass caverns say that they've uncovered the ancient burial sites of Novacon emperors of old, selling the findings for millions of credits to Novacon collectors.

Broomhilda Updates Planet%20Ovar_zpsskfwxgob
Planet Ovar is a wasteland planet whose water source is its only saving grace. For years the Hexisan Union has attempted to turn the potential of this planet to good use, but the constant reintroduction of Kaynar onto the planet (due to the proximity of Ovar to the Varaks System) has caused sky patrols to stay in the air, harvesting Ovar's water while attempting to destroy newly landed hives. It is said that Ovar also has dozens of large Namres Crystal veins, a raw type of psi-crystal that can enhance the range of psionically programmed abilities by tenfold. Yet, for all it's resources, neither the government or private ventures have attempted to take any serious action in order to finally clean Ovar of its Kaynar issues.
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PostSubject: Re: Broomhilda Updates   Broomhilda Updates Icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2015 9:52 am

Broomhilda: "Captain, I'm uploading the pull from all that crap you brought aboard the ship."

+100,000 credits (200,000 after Peyton)

Broomhilda Updates DAVID%201_zpsupk8w8ui

0-15: Rylor is said to be the inspiration for Sentinels. The psionic robot was the ultimate protector of seven different Novacon Emperors.
16-20: Many say that Rylor was the first robot to be able to travel through space, and was responsible for the destruction of several dangerous asteroids headed for vital Novacon planets.
21-25: There was once a small clan that attempted to slay Rylor’s Emperor. The group of a hundred clansmen were slain by the blade of Rylor, and the Emperor declared a holiday in Rylor’s name.
26-30: It is said that Rylor’s psionic abilities surpassed many clan psychics throughout the ages.
31+: Rylor was once put away for a century, but later awaken in order to serve one last leader, Emperor Vhalas, in order to win a great territory war on Zeas.

Agility 5D
Acrobatics 5D+1, Brawling 5D, Dodge 6D+1, Energy Weapons 6D, Fly/O-G 7D, Melee 7D (Glaive: 11D w/ Trademark Specialization), Running 5D+1, Throwing 5D+1

Strength 5D
Lift/Carry 10D, Jump/Climb 5D+1, Stamina 5D+1

Mechanical 3D
Comm 4D (Hexisan Communications 6D), Jetpack 6D, Gunnery 4D (Hexisan Gunnery 6D), Navigation 4D, Piloting 4D (Hexisan crafts 6D), Sensors 4D, Shields 4D, Vehicle Operations 4D (Hexisan Vehicles 6D)


MOVE 20, Jetpack 100

Stunned (80-60%): No Penalty
Wounded (59-40%): No Penalty
Severely Wounded (39-20%): No Penalty
Incapacitated (19-10%): 9-5
Mortally Wounded (9-1%): 4-1
Dead: 0

Scale: Scale rating +6, character is taller and more durable than the average humanoid
Unbreakable Edifice [R3, Cost 6]: Robot maxes out body points and does not suffer wound penalties until incapacitated
Atmospheric Tolerance [2]: Space
Atmospheric Tolerance [2]: Liquid
Atmospheric Tolerance [2]: Gas
Ultravision/Infravision [2]
Improved Magnetic Hands/Feet: Can move at full movement when climbing metal floors, walls and ceilings
Ambidextrous [2]: Can perform w/ both hands, +1 to skills w/ hand coordination
Ageless: Rylor does not age, nor does he rust or breakdown from time (though psionic abilities and weapons still apply).

Special Abilities
*Trademark Specialization, Glaive: +3D when using a Glaive
*Travaran Plating: This rare metal is harvested from meteors throughout Hexisan. It is lightweight, but extremely energy absorbent. +3D Damage Resistance to physical attacks (brawl, melee, firearms, thrown weapons, frag. grenades), +6D Damage Resistance vs Energy Weapons (Lasers, plasma, energy blasts, fire, plasma grenades).
*Psi-Tech, Internal Psi-Disruptor [Cost 6 Rating 3]: 1 Action to activate, Once per day, Lasts 12 rounds, anyone in an adjacent square suffers a -3D penalty to attempts to use psionics, +6D psionic bonus for Rylor to resist psionics
*Robotic Psi-Regeneration: Charges: 3 per day, Duration: 1 action to activate or if user is unconscious/dead, at the bottom of the round. 1 action to complete. Special: Can be used three times per day. Once damaged, the robot may elect to activate Regeneration on their turn. Firstly, the user must spend an action to activate. The user then rolls their Stamina (or default to Strength). Afterwards, the robot divides this roll by 2 (like regeneration). This is the amount that the robot will potentially repair. This healing takes one full action to complete. If user is unconscious or dead, the power automatically activates at the end of the round.

*Psi-Tech, Space Thrusters: Rylor’s thrusters are charged with a supersonic burst, which allows Rylor to move at a rate of 4 in space. Rylor uses Flight/0-G for any movement or stunts.

Robot Algorithm: Any default skill attempts are done so with a +7 difficulty

Psi-Glaive: +3D Damage, The spear may be used from 2 squares away with +5 added to the target difficulty
**Psi-Crystal Blade has Charged Brawling stored inside: As a free action, the user may add additional damage to a successful blow. This damage is equal to 12 points. Every attack after the initial strike, the user divides the additional energy damage by two until that number reaches one {Blow 1: +12, Blow 2: +6, Blow 3: +3, Blow 4: +1}. Once the Charged Brawling is used up, it does not come back for 24 hours.

Advanced Internal Jet-Pack (retractable): Move 100, +4D Maneuverability, 1 action to retract
**Psi-Crystal: The psi-tech inside this jetpack allows for unlimited fuel

Wrist Action Ion Cannon (retractable): An ion cannon uses electrically charged particles to damage targets by disrupting the target's molecular structure. While it's damage is colossal, the Ion Cannon's range and ammunition are very limited.
Damage 7D, Range 5/20/50, Ammo 20

Broomhilda Updates DAVID%202_zpstfoloerx
----------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------
Emperor Vhalas‘s Ghost Armor
Broomhilda Updates TheGreatHonorArmor_zpse12dc404
This ancient set of Novacon armor is thousands of years old. Much like all Novacon Honor Armor, it offers maximum protection and can be used to negate an attacker’s roll of 6 on wild dice. Unlike regular armor, the psi-crystals in this equipment make it appear as if it is out of nowhere. The user simply wears its bracers, then as an action, wills the armor on through bracers, causing it to appear on its target.

BONUS: +4D to Damage Resistance Tests, and Negates an attacker's  Roll of 6 on a Wild Die once before needing to be repaired. Armor Repair Difficulty 15, 1 action to summon and another action to disband
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Broomhilda Updates
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