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 On Board Training Systems and Educational Software

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PostSubject: On Board Training Systems and Educational Software   Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:49 am

Two Hermes Personal Trainers Onboard
(One is modified to be Naga friendly, and the other is Altarian friendly)

Prometheus Enterprises has done it again. In an effort to maximize efficiency with staying fit and beautiful, the corporation's developers engineered the Hermes Personal Trainer. This human sized suit can adjust to its wearer's body type (Large Creatures or oddly shaped such as Ullitors & Naga sold seperately), allowing for maximum comfort. Once inside, the virtual reality lenses activate according to the fitness selection so that the person in training can sprint through a forested park, lift weights on a mountain peek, or swim in a tropical ocean. The Hermes Personal Trainer can also create obstacle courses, climbable mountain walls, or virtual opponents for sparring. It keeps track of bio-monitors, adjusting its work load to properly aid in athletic advancement. After workouts, the Hermes Personal Trainer has a self-cleaning system which uses antibacterial solvents and a self dry system to purify the suit for its next user (takes 30 minutes to complete.

The Hermes Personal Trainer can help users advance in acrobatics, brawling, flying/O-G, melee combat, running, climb/jump, lift, stamina, and swim skills from 1D-8D. It can also aid in heightening one's natural physical attributes (Agility, Strength) by giving them a +1D bonus for any "Attribute Improvement" checks (see Improving Attributes p. 52, D6 Space ).

Two H.O.V. Knight Squires on board

The H.O.V. Knight's Squire is a three piece system originally designed to assist Empyrean Legion trainees in improving their targeting skills. The equipment uses a sensor rigged bodysuit/digital-rifle to both supply the user with virtual reality environments and monitor progress. The third piece, a targeting drone, is linked to the suit and equipped with detectors that analyze the shooter's accuracy. The drone can be programmed to digitally appear as anything the subscriber may want to fight, from enemy pirates to monstrous aliens. It also takes in the room or area that the user is actually training in, adding it to the trainee's sites, as to help them avoid injury from spacial blindness.

The H.O.V. Knight's Squire can help a single user improve in Energy Weapons or Firearms as if they had a trainer. It can act as an instructor from 1D-8D, before being unable to assist. While the suit was originally developed by the House of Veneration, these suits can be found nearly on any military training facility, as it is the top virtual troop instructor in the Milky Way galaxy.

"Dodge Ball", A-4 Training Drone

The A-4 Training Drone, aka "Dodge Ball", is a floating drone equipped with harmless laser projectors that hone in on nearby targets, firing at them with beams of light. The ball fires at anyone wearing a special wrist band (comes with 4 bracelets per purchase), and its difficulty setting can be altered to appropriately. The Dodge Ball is sold in four different types, Beginner, Moderate, Difficult, and Ultimate. Each helps users become more custom to dodging energy weapons, requiring only minimal space for practice.

Type: Training Equipment
Beginner (Dodge can be improved from 1D-4D)   2 on board the Steel Witch
Moderate (Dodge can be improved from 4D+1-8D) 2 on board the Steel Witch
Difficult (Dodge can be improved from 8D+1-12D) NOT AVILABLE
Ultimate (Dodge can be improved from 1D-12D) NOT AVAILABLE

Availability: 2

Education Software Available On the Steel Witch

Aliens 1D-8D

Astrography 1D-8D

Bureaucracy 1D-8D
Business 1D-8D
Cultures 1D-8D
Intimidation 1D-8D
Languages 1D-8D

Advanced Linguistic Computer Training Program - Altarian - Novacon Rating 7D
This training software can serve as a Linguistics Trainer for any Character who natively speaks Altarian or Novacon.

Scholar  1D-8D
Security Regulations 1D-8D
Survival 1D-8D
Tactics 1D-8D


Comm 1D-8D
Exoskeleton Operations 1D-8D
Gunnery 1D-8D
Navigation 1D-8D
Piloting 1D-8D
Sensors 1D-8D
Shields 1D-8D


Bargain 1D-8D
Command 1D-8D
Con  1D-8D
Gambling 1D-8D
Investigation 1D-8D
Know How 1D-8D
Persuasion  1D-8D


Armor Repair 1D-8D
Computer Interface/Repair 1D-8D
Demolitions 1D-8D
Energy Weapon Repair 1D-8D
Firearms Repair NA
Flight Systems Repair 1D-8D
Gunnery Repair 1D-8D
Medical Trainer 1D – 8D
Personal Equipment Repair 1D-8D
Robot Interface/Repair 1D-8D
Security 1D-8D
Vehicle Repair 1D-8D
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On Board Training Systems and Educational Software
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