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 Fenrir (Ephar Telar), Ship Crew Member (DECEASED)

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PostSubject: Fenrir (Ephar Telar), Ship Crew Member (DECEASED)   Sun Jun 23, 2013 10:31 pm

FENRIR (Ephar Telar) 

Name: Goes by Fenrir, Real Name: Ephar Telar


Appearance: This brawny Balidar's fur once might have been dark and full, but now it is a frayed grey. He has gold eyes and ivory teeth. His metallic claws are obvious implants, and glisten in the light. 

Quote:“The past can't hurt you anymore, not unless you let it.”

This Balidar was found in a prison cell on the Aifor, a raider ship that once caused chaos along the Crux-Scutum arm. He was freed by the crew of the Steel Witch, but refused to give his real name, instead going by the moniker that the pirates labeled him with, "Fenrir". The Balidar proved his worth however, when he helped the Marshal and his deputy team take the Aifor by force. His exotic martial arts style was brutal and vicious, proving that the Hexisan native was not just an ordinary alien. 

After the fight, Fenrir had a private conversation with Captain Weller, leader of the Steel Witch, and somehow bartered a way to stay on the ship as a crew member (but not a deputy). He's mostly quiet, but speaks when he has insight on a conversation. He seems to be educated and very philosophical, occasionally quoting his favorite Hexisan wisemen. He has very little equipment, but what he does keep on him is highly advanced.

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PostSubject: Re: Fenrir (Ephar Telar), Ship Crew Member (DECEASED)   Sat Oct 05, 2013 9:43 am

Fenrir, March 30th, 2525

Fenrir has been true to his word since joining the Steel Witch crew. While not officially a deputy, Fenrir (Ephar Telar) does all that he can to protect the team, especially Ravanon and young Saul. Fenrir is well educated and helps train anyone who asks. He tries to remain conscious of Terran culture, though it sometimes strongly clashes with his own ethics. When not helping out with any of the numerous tasks taken on by the team, Fenrir can be found studying Milky Way civilization; a young galaxy that he finds fascinating.

Major Accomplishments: Assisted in putting a stop to his capturer, Captain Bothvar Haklang

Fenrir played a part in fighting off Edna's Revenge (pirate ship lead by Captain Sharpe), using his limited skills as a fighter pilot to fend against outnumbering forces.

Misdeeds/Errors: Fenrir, much like many Balidar, is not accustomed to telling lies. However, this hasn't stopped him from keeping quiet about his true identity. Only Captain Weller and the psion Ravanon know about his true identity.

Current Plot: Fenrir plans on continuing to develop Ravanon. He also is trying to uncover why the Altarian's father, Balgarath, has begun acting irrational and unethical.
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Fenrir (Ephar Telar), Ship Crew Member (DECEASED)
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