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 Behind the Scenes

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PostSubject: Re: Behind the Scenes    Tue Sep 08, 2015 9:21 pm

The Laws of Honor
The Honor Wars have existed since Novacon first began wearing fire. Though the rules have evolved over time, the fundamentals remain the same. There is no greater distinction than to take part in these legendary clashes, and thousands of disbanded or rising clans bid for their chance to take part in the conflict. For them it is a way of life.

This mentality exists because Novacons do not fear death, but rather a meaningless existence. And for Novacons, there is no feeling so euphoric, no wisdom so insightful, as that granted when fighting with another for their lives. Novacons believe that those who do battle in the Honor Wars come back holy, gifted by the borders of existence they’ve walked on. So, it’s no surprise that when an Honor War is declared, there must be rules so that all warriors have a chance to die with pride and glory.

1) Praise all Prowess: The Novacons believe that all mentionable clans have a distinct trade that has helped them rise to power. These trades should be showcased in battle when possible. So, ship makers should always find ways to involve their vehicles in transporation of troops or in naval battles. Likewise, miners should showcase their precious metals in their weaponry, and prove its value in Novacon society. Doing so helps gain one honor should their trade help win the war.

2) Blade against Blade: Novacons do not believe that being melted by the areal cannons of a ship vehicle is an honorable way for a foot soldier to go. Neither do they feel that a general should be assassinated in his sleep by a neurotoxic passed from a duplicitous handshake. Instead, they call for blade against blade. Space navies will face space navies, free of subterfuge or sabotage. Likewise, ground troops should only face other ground troops, and not fear the repercussions of indestructible technology. The only exception of this rule is overruled in the law of the Liovez’s Roar.

3) The Liovez’s Roar: The ancient Novacon feline hunter, known as the Liovez, represents strength and prowess to most Novacons. Legend says that the creature’s roar was its greatest strength, and could paralyze most of its prey before the hunt even began. So, before war is declared, each army receives three uses of the Liovez’s Roar. This “roar” can include any of their minor clan’s specialties, even if they may be considered disreputable in combat. Some examples include the Emelbar Clan’s trade of stealth armor enhancements or the Tomo Clan’s magma rivers they use for road construction. The clan leader must declare their intention to the “Watchers of War” before utilizing in order to receive approval.

4) Legacy versus Legend: Novacons believe in the glory of war, but also understand the preciousness of leaving their bloodline and clan history. At anytime, either army may declare Legacy over Legend. This automatically draws the user out of the fight without any loss of honor. In some instances, armies who were winning have declared Legacy over Legend in order to preserve their enemy, and gained great honor through their respect for their adversaries.
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PostSubject: Re: Behind the Scenes    Wed Sep 09, 2015 9:54 pm

Magnate Oreyu’ Inhariok “Inhariok the Conqueror”

Magnate Inhariok possesses the largest army and navy ever assembled in an Honor War. Between the Magnate’s ships and his supporting clans, there is a fleet of seventy Imperial size ships, including Magnate Inhariok’s personal Dreadnought. He also has amassed an astonishing three hundred thousand ground soldiers, who have already begun to consume the disputed planet of Therzegaug. While it’s rumored that Magnate Inhariok wishes to take back the planet his ancestors bequeathed to the Gothina clan for their rich Dokrin mines, those fighting under him also use an outdated documentation to claim that the Gothina clan were have always been mere guests.

(Dokrin Mines)

War thus far The Honor Wars have gone in Magnate Inhariok’s favor early on. In the beginning, Inhariok applied one of his three Liovez’s Roars to neutralize the Gothina’s planetary atmosphere shield, allowing his space transporters to drop off hundreds of thousands of ground warriors. This has caused the defenders to fight a two-part war, both over the planet and on its soils. He then delivered another decisive blow by requesting a second Liovez Roar be used to activate typhoon generators that created a tidal wave of water that flooded battlefront fortresses. However, Magnate Inhariok’s momentum since then has slowed, as gathering his warriors in a mass assembly has proved more challenging then forecasted. Regardless, he will need all of his warriors in order to deliver the killing blow. The Gothina clan has called for all of its field warriors to gather at Mount Polrift’s great fortress in order to reassemble and strategize.

Magnate Utar Gothina

Not much has gone Magnate Gothina’s way during the Honor Wars. His affair with cybernetics throughout his life has caused Utar to strategize while battling several ailments. His clans have lost a handful of important leaders during the wars, erupting disputes and infighting. Finally, Magnate Gothina has lost nearly half of Therzegaug in nearly ten months. Still, somehow Magnate Gothina manages to hold his ground. Although his desperation has forced him to take drastic measures, from liquidating Gothina assets to sending his only daughter to search for reinforcements, still he manages to hold off Inhariok’s overwhelming forces. The only question is, for how long?

(Mount Polrift)

Thus Far Magnate Gothina has had to adjust his strategy several times since the Honor Wars first began. While he’d planned on reinforcing his naval forces with ground based artillery support, plans changed once the Inhariok clan slipped their land based warriors onto the ground. Magnate Gothina still held onto hope, ordering his infantry to hold back Inhariok forces while ground artillery continued their support of the space navy along the orbit. Once again his plans were impeded when Inhariok clans flooded the battlefront bastions with agricultural technology. Yet, for as much strategy as Magnate Gothina was forced to abandon, his latest strategy of hit-and-run warfare has helped his massive army to reestablish themselves within Magnate Gothina’s personal fortress on top of Mount Polrift while wearing Inhariok troops down. Now, protected by his great mountain, Magnate Gothina looks to make one last stand, if only he can first unite his bickering clans.
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Behind the Scenes
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